Friday, August 29, 2008

Labor Day, bring it on.

My boy is pretty much the cutest boy in the whole world. And yes, we can agree to disagree, since I'm sure many of you out there just might think the same thing about your little man, too. Not to mention you've never seen a picture of him, this I know, but just take my word on it -- not only does he have a winning personality, but the boy is a ladykiller in the looks department. Seriously one handsome little man. But here is my proof -- a small voice was crying out "Mama! Mama!" just now from his room. Papa had put him to bed an hour before, so I went in to see what the problem was. This is what he said, matter of factly...

"Iss too wate, Mama. Iss too wate." (It's too late.)

That's what was keeping him up apparently. Not an "I'm scared" or an "I'm thirsty" or the usual "I not tired", but "it's too late". Keep in mind the boy cannot tell time and hasn't quite grasped the concept of time passing, etc. It was merely a general observation, I suppose. Then, of course, he flashed me the million-dollar deep-dish dimples and I was a goner. He's way too cute.

It's Labor Day Weekend (at least here in America) and what do we have planned? Labor, of course! (Our family takes these holidays at their most literal.) As you already know, I am the Queen of Unfinished Projects (in a fitting marriage to the King of Unfinished Projects), so it is hopefully going to be a productive three days for us. Projects on my list may or may not include the following:

-continuing the mural in my bathroom (of course, at this point, what's another couple of years, right? the rate I seem to be going at is about an inch a month, yipes)
-cleaning the playroom (major UGH), and I promise to post before and after photos of that nightmare-hopefully-turned-fairytale-ending
-once again tackling the guest room (avoiding the question of why I actually seem to be physically unable to keep it nice and clean and not allow it to become the dumping grounds)
-purging the kitchen (we have WAY too many unused small appliances just taking up space and collecting dust; the madness must stop)

My husband's list will include painting the exterior of the house (we are on summer #2 of this project, and hopefully there will not be a summer #3), cleaning his office upstairs, and detailing my car. Ah yes, Ralph Macchio will be at my house again this weekend. Aren't you jealous?

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tag's team said...

Good luck on the painting... we are heading for summer #4 on the painting and the deck, I feel your pain!