Sunday, August 31, 2008

The word of the day is frustration.

I'm not going to even go into the "Labor Day Scoreboard" because I'm sure the you'll be able to surmise what the score might be from the title of this post. ;)

I consider myself a "glass half full" type of girl, always walking on the sunny side of the street, oftentimes looking at the world with her rose-colored glasses on. (Well, that girl mixed with a healthy dose of reality, forced to acknowledge this reality from personal experiences which have taught her that life isn't always quite as rosy as she would like it to be, but that God is there to walk through it all with her.) So when I have frustrating days (which really are pretty few and far between, and I'm not talking frustrated with your three-year-old type days, not the "life happens" type days, but more like the disappointed in recurring situations type days), it sometimes hits me like a ton of bricks.

I'm not going to tell you how intensely frustrated I am after this morning. Frustration with complacency, mostly. Me + complacency = not the best.

I'm also not going to get into the frustration I feel after working on something for someone nearly all day yesterday to only hear today that they're not sure about how it is turning out.

I'm not going to elaborate on the frustration of feeling caught in the middle of relationships sometimes. (What's that saying again? You can pick your nose but you can't pick your family? Yeah, something like that.)

And really, I need to stop allowing myself (my control freak self) to become so frustrated from the world around me. I can only control myself (and sometimes I don't always do the best job of it), and it wastes only my time and my energy and my emotions to allow others and outside situations to frustrate me so badly. (Isn't this a life lesson I should have learned in kindergarten? Was I absent that day?)

On the flip side, the highlight of my day is my sweet family -- my son and my husband. My boy had a great day in his Sunday School class (no Kung Fu Panda moves against his classmates), and my husband and I have been really in sync recently. Not that we've necessarily been out of sync before; it's just that those times when you are really, truly in sync with someone, especially your spouse, it just makes life so much sweeter. And on days like today, where I am so frustrated with life, he helps to keep me from being overwhelmed.

So that is all. I'm absolutely fine, I promise. This is truly just a small venting session, and life in my little world is pretty fantastic. (Isn't that what blogs are good for? An occasional vent?) I'm going to go outside, exhale, let go of my frustrations, and move on. And I'm going to put forth my best effort and truly work on putting on my tunnel-vision goggles this week, blocking out the frustrations of life (as best I can), and seeking to focus on what and where the Lord wants me and my family to be right now. Because His opinions of me and my life are truly the only ones that matter, and He is the best place for me to carry my frustrations to.

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mo said...

I think not letting outside things frustrate you is something people go sit on mountaintops for months at a time to overcome. I think we are bound to get frustrated sometimes- especially when the world is full of stupid people! Kidding!