Monday, August 11, 2008

Singing in the Rain

This morning we had a very nice gentleman come by and look at possibly finishing off the beds in my son's room. It is a project that has been over a year in the works (from when we first decided to finally make it happen), so the thought of it being done in the near future is beyond exciting to me. I am proud of what my husband accomplished so far on it, especially for someone with no previous woodworking experience, and I am even prouder that he is man enough to allow a professional to possibly finish it up.

Just two weeks ago my sweet husband finally agreed to getting some quotes on having the bookshelves built and the drawers beneath added, something I never thought would happen. I really liked the man who came this morning to evaluate finishing it, and I know he could definitely finish it off to be exactly the way we envisioned it in the first place, so I am hoping and praying that his quote will be affordable for us. Please, please, please let it be affordable so this project can be wrapped up and fully enjoyed!

Here is the original inspiration for the beds, taken from an article in the December 2005/January 2006 issue of Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion Magazine (my favorite, with Country Living Magazine a close second). The beds in the bottom picture were our inspiration (except the whole idea is flipped in our son's room). As you can see in our photo, there will be a few differences: on our beds, the arches are a bit more simple (less feminine), come down a little lower (to conceal the curtain rods better), and our bookshelves are going to go all the way to the ceiling as well as be quite a bit deeper to accommodate bigger books. Our beds will also be painted white when it is all said and done, and there will be a train going all around the ceiling and through the top bunk. Whew. Just typing all that out makes me realize how much more has to be done!

In fact, if you click on the link (above) to the article, you'll be able to tell that, beneath all of the added Christmas decorations, this whole house is what I would love my house to resemble. Plus, it's located in Oregon, and you know what a bonus that is in my book!

Okay, with all of the talk of poo on my blog over the past few months, I just have to share this link with you. Stacey has one of the downright most hilarious blogs I have read, but this uncensored post really takes the cake. You've got to go read it. Right. Now. Let's Play a New Game - Poop or Bread?

You wanna know what's making me so happy today? 80 DEGREES, people. 80 DEGREES. FOR THE HIGH. Today. In August. Seriously, it is so glorious I just want to run down the block singing at the top of my lungs. Wonderland is not known for its cool August months, and after that horrid bout of temps in the 100s for a couple of weeks, this is downright bliss. It's been this way for three days now. And it is supposed to return to the 80s by the weekend as well. If the rest of August is like this, I just won't know what to do with my happy little self. And it's rainy. And cloudy. My favorite. (See, I told you I should live in Oregon.)

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Karen said...

oooohhhh...that's cool! I'll cross my fingers that it gets done soon! Your husband really did a very nice job.