Friday, July 4, 2008

The Queen of P (and no, it doesn't stand for what you might think)

It's confession time. Time to purge myself and come clean with you about something:

I truly am the Queen of the Procrastinators and Unfinished Projects.

Need proof? I give you Exhibit A:

This is my bathroom. My master bathroom. I found some inspiration several years ago (3 or 4, can't remember exactly, which should be your first clue on what a procrastinator I am) in a Mary Engelbreit Home Companion magazine article.

(a picture taken of the ripped-out article, taped up to the bathroom mirror for inspiration)
This mural had been painted on the person's mudroom walls. I remember thinking to myself, oh the colors and the mural would be perfect in my bathroom! Surely I can do that!

And, so I did. Having no prior mural painting experience under my belt (except for a small project in my "Breakfast at Tiffany's bathroom in Minnesota, a story for another time), I guessed at how I would go about doing it and dove in. It took me a long time to get the background just right. And adding the grass and funky flowers at the bottom took a few weeks if I remember correctly.

And then I stopped. Call it intimidation (since the "trees" were next). Call it laziness. Call it boredom, as more than likely, another exciting new project was calling my name. Whatever you call it, my bathroom has sat in its unfinished state for at least 3 years now, maybe 4 (remember, it's been so long I'm not even sure!). Not only in its unfinished state of the walls, mind you, but with that oh-so-chic black trashbag taped up to the window, and the blue painter's tape still halfway peeled off.

Shame, shame, shame on me.

Well, as you can tell from the pictures, I have finally reopened this "file" and gotten back to work. My husband penciled in several trees for me this week, and I got started. I have high hopes that I can make it look quite similar to the picture and not appear as if an amateur was at work (which one was). I promise to post pictures of this as it progresses up until the mural is completed.

(Here you can see the detail on the tree to make it look somewhat dimensional. It's going to take a while.)
Ugh. It felt so good to get that off my chest. Hopefully you'll still be my friends (wink, wink), even knowing my great character flaws. (Now, if you only saw how long my list of unfinished projects was, you might question your loyalty to me and my little blog, but we'll use the "positive staycation attitude" and look on the bright side -- with so many projects to be completed, I'll have plenty of blog posts to write about!)

Happy Independence Day! Hopefully, like myself, you too can find your independence and break free from the bonds of procrastination...

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tag's team said...

I think we met in late 2004 early 2005 so the bathroom has been painted for that long! Good luck! Missed having you at the Norwalk sale today! I got a chair...

One Shabby Chick said...

The mural looks great..and yes, the tree does look multi-dimensional. Keep going and then you will feel such relief when you are done. Good luck!

rachel said...

I wish I could leave you some encouragement but you seem better off than I am. I never get anything done and I always say I can do it another time. My house is too embarrassing to even have company over. Poor me! haha!

Rhonda P. said...

Love your blog!!! So funny and interesting! Maybe it doesn't take much to amuse me. lol

Louise said...

It is so nice to see someone who procrastinates around the house. I have so many half finished jobs in almost every room. I have decided to start with one room at a time now. The big girls room comes first - curtains, pics on wall and stuff like that. We'll see how long my enthusiasm lasts!!

mo said...

You are funny. I read through many of your posts, and you are funny! I love the mural and think that now you have dusted off your brushes, I encourage you to keep going as you have a great start. If it makes you feel any better we just hung up our cute porch swing and it only took four years! And I think that is sad because it took all of 10 minutes!

The Wooden Spool said...

oh, i totally ripped this out, this idea. i am glad you are doing what i wanted to do once upon a time. good luck, and can't wait to see what you come up with. ;) I'm impressed.