Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hey good-lookin', whatcha got cookin'?

For dinner tonight, we'll be having a little of this (the original version), some salad on the side, and this sinfully delicious concoction.

6:30 sharp. Don't be late. (Just kidding, I'm not that nice, you're not invited.) I just love that Pioneer Woman (the gal behind the crazy good recipes). Seriously. I heart her.

I want her to come live at my house, cook for me every day, shoot pictures for me every day, and keep me in stitches every day. Oh wait, I guess she already basically does that with her blog. You should read it, too. (What are you waiting for? Go read it!)

As proof that the British accents are ever so sophisticated, I give you one of my newest favorite discoveries, Charlie and Lola! (Or rather "Cha-lee" and Lola). I dedicate this video clip to my friend, L, who, like Lola, isn't too keen on "to-mah-to's":

If you've already seen them, I apologize, but I think they are the most adorable duo and love to watch them occasionally with my son on the telly.

As promised, some sneak peeks of the Four Seasons Quilt Swap summer quilt I have been slaving over:

It's a darn good thing I cut out enough fabric for two of these babies because it would be awfully hard to give this one up. I think I might end up entering the one I keep in the state fair this year.


Happily Ever After said...

LOVE the quilt!!!

And the video clip of Charlie & Lola is too cute! I've never seen that before, but I could so easily play the role of Lola being that I am such a picky eater as well.

Margaret aka Supermom said...

this I can't wait to see!!

Julie said...

I want to see more of the quilt. I think it is fabulous! Please, share more! Hard to make two I bet, but it will be worth it.

Louise said...

What a gorgeous quilt - that will be hard to part with. We are big Charlie and Lola fans in this house and have all the lovely books.

Sandy said...

LOVE the quilt!! So pretty!

bettyninja said...

Okay- more quilt pictures, more quilt pictures!! I love it. I love the lady diving in-- I need to know what the rest looks like!!

I read P. WOman too. Love her.