Wednesday, July 16, 2008

All in a day's work.

Kids do the darndest things. After lunch my son fell down in his room and apparently hurt his tush because he came in to the room making kissing sounds at me and pointing to his rear, indicating he wanted me to kiss his little hurt bottom. I offered him a quick smooch on the lips instead. There was no way emotionally I was going to "kiss his butt" after his naughty attitude this morning, but it did make me laugh!

My husband is an excellent father. He really is. Want to know what he did tonight? First he earned some Brownie points by taking our son for the afternoon while he worked so I could have a break. As rough and tumble as my boy can occasionally be, he somehow managed to scrape his face and bump his head (not a big bump, just enough for him to say "ouch" and cry a little, more for the drama than anything else). He told my husband he needed to go to the "dah-duh" and get a "beh-beh" (band-aid). So that's what my husband did. He drove our little guy over to the hospital (less than a mile away), took him in, found a nice young doctor apparently on break and convinced him to (wink wink) look our man over for any injuries. The doctor, good soul that he was, played along, gave our son two bandaids, one on his cheek and one on his hair, and pronounced him cured. He then asked my husband why he brought our son over, and my husband told him "to show him that the hospital is not a scary place, so if he ever, God forbid, needs to come someday, he might not be so scared". How cute is that? Two thumbs up for our kind-hearted (and clever) Papa.

Tonight the bats were out! Growing up, I never saw a bat in real life (not that I really wanted to see a bat as a young girl, no thank you). But our neighborhood has bats, and in the summer, if you are patient enough, they'll come out right as the sun is almost completely gone, and fly for about 10 minutes or so. In the past summers I have only seen two of them, and it was in our backyard. They like to swoop down and take drinks of water from the pool. But tonight, there were six of them swooping and swirling over our house and front yard. It really is a neat sight to look up and see them silhouetted across the darkening sky. Kind of Harry Potter-ish, I suppose. I love the bats -- they eat mosquitoes, and anyone that gets rid of the mosquitoes is a friend of mine. I counted 16 bites on just my right leg alone already. Sheesh.

I'll leave you with a fun picture. Recognize this gal?

It's big ole beautiful me! Now don't tell me that you folks out there with MacBooks don't secretly play around with the Photo Booth option. I had to have something to keep me entertained in the bathroom while I let my boy splash around to his heart's content in the bathtub tonight. (And no, I don't really look like that. Or do I? Haha. Don't I look like a character out of one of those goofy movies where one actor plays a million different characters in fatsuits and such?)

Hopefully tomorrow I'll have some pictures to show of the picket fence for you. I would have already posted them, but we are having it professionally stained tomorrow (to match the trim color on the house), so I figured I'd just wait until it really looks finished. And I've also been hard at work for a couple of weeks already on my Four Seasons summer quilt, so I'll try to give a little sneaky peek of that tomorrow as well.


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