Friday, July 11, 2008

Playing catch-up

Guess what today is?! It's "picket-fence-in-our-front-yard" DAY!!!!!! Finally! We got an estimate to have the fence installed maybe almost 2-3 months ago, and I have been dying from the anticipation of them actually starting it. All of the monsoons in Wonderland pushed our start date back further and further, and when they were supposed to finally start earlier this week, you guessed it, the rains returned. But not today! There is a picket fence going up in my front yard today!

Sesame Street was cracking me up yesterday. There was a "Meal or No Meal" segment, a spoof off of "Deal or No Deal" where the contestant has to determine if food items are a meal or not. And Cookie Monster was the secret banker up behind the dark screen, trying to make offers for her to settle. I love how they throw us parents a bone here and there with something funny for us. You gotta love Sesame Street -- still current after all of these years.

We must be doing something right. Today my son came to me and said "sossy, Mama" (sorry, Mama). I asked him for what, because it had been at least a good 10 or 15 minutes since his last minor offense. He said, "sossy for putty" (sorry for puppy). About 15 minutes before he had been too rough around one of the dogs and I could tell it was annoying her. That was the first time he came to me on his own and not only said sorry (which he is very gracious at already doing on his own) but added in the for what, giving me the boost of confidence that he understands (for the most part) when and why he gets in trouble for things, and the need to say you are sorry when you do something wrong to someone. Yay!

Of course, on the other hand, we have yet another poo story, thankfully one my husband dealt with while I was sleeping. Apparently last night my son (once again) saved up his poo for his nighttime diaper (a growing trend, unfortunately), but instead of leaving it for us to find in the morning when we take off his diaper and set him on the potty to start out the new day, he decided to "take care of it for us". My husband said when he went in to check on him last night, he found poo scattered across the floor (no joke), a used and very empty diaper next to it, and our son in bed with his pajamas and a new pair of underwear on. At this point I'm thinking of having a toilet installed in his room right next to his bed. Not really...

Oh, and I'll throw this extra potty story in as well, while we're on the subject. My brilliant husband (insert sarcasm here) told me that when he was a kid, if his parents wanted him to poo in the potty, they would set him on the potty and put his feet in a bowl of warm water. Somehow the sensation caused by the warm water was supposed to help. (Sounds sketchy to me, but whatever.) Anyway, my brills husband did just this to our son last night, and left him there in the bathroom for a few minutes. I had no idea that he had just set this scenario up, and I asked where our son was. On the potty, was my husband's proud answer. Because it is awfully quiet back there, I pointed out. Yes, my husband said, because he is concentrating on going poo. Hmm, I thought, as I walked back to the bathroom to check the situation out for myself, where I found a bathroom completely doused in water, my sopping wet son sitting on the potty (no poo in sight -- remember, that apparently was to be found later on his bedroom floor), proudly telling me that he took a bath and "wah my heh" (washed his hair). Niiiiiiiice. Good try, Papa.

And one more story. Tonight while driving home we passed the local hospital, a Catholic hospital. All of a sudden from the backseat came screams of "Day-doo Dah! Day-doo Dah!" (Thank you God). At first I thought maybe my son had decided to hold an impromptu praise and worship session in the car, but then I looked over and saw he was pointing to the statue of Mary with her hands held in prayer in front of the hospital. It was one of those adorable kid moments for sure. He noticed that she was praying, and he then started screaming "Por my poo! Por my poo!" (for my food, the other half of his mealtime ritual prayer). I guess he assumed they must be thanking God for their food just like he does every day. I just love the fact that he is starting to understand a little bit about loving God. It sure does this Mama's heart good. There may be poo on our walls, there may be sometimes disobedient little boys running around, but the things that really matter are starting to stick.

Okay, I promise pictures tomorrow. I mean, come on, I know, posts aren't near as fun minus the pictures, so I'll be sure to show you some tomorrow!


anymommy said...

I'm so glad that I'm not the only one that collects funny poop stories like a magnet. Kids. And their poop. Yikes.

One Shabby Chick said...

I want to see pictures of that quilt!! But I did enjoy the stories :-)