Saturday, July 26, 2008


I have truly enjoyed reading all of your comments, especially so many helpful ones regarding my three-year-old. It is always beneficial to get the advice and support and encouragement of those of you who have been there. Despite his recent naughtiness, I feel I should redeem myself and him by sharing some of his best traits with you. He is one polite and caring little guy. This morning I sneezed and unexpectedly heard a little voice from yonder call out "Bess ooh, Mama" (Bless you, Mama). I didn't know he knew that phrase! And although he has been awfully naughty lately, he at least is innocent (and naive) enough to come forth bravely and tell me his indiscretions. Like this morning -- "I naw-nee, Mama. I daw wih mah-mer." (I naughty, Mama. I draw with marker. A phrase no parent of a three-year-old really wants to hear, since there was no paper involved.) So for right now, he at least isn't deliberately hiding the naughty things he has done, which does help in finding the messes. And he is a champion eater -- not picky either. I love that it is no big deal to get him to eat pretty much anything, which makes getting three square meals a day in him so much easier. He also is very much a happy-go-lucky guy 90% of the time, and he doesn't really seem to have a mean bone in his body (maybe some ornery ones, but not a mean one). It makes my heart sing to know that he is a positive little soul that truly seems to delight in the world around him. I hope he keeps that sunny outlook throughout his life. (Can you tell we had a much better evening last night? Um, yeah, except for him waking up sometime this morning around 6am. Not sure what that was all about, although I'll take it since he did bless us with an uninterrupted night's sleep and no major offenses and no dirty sheets to have to change.)

Have you discovered Pandora yet? It's so cool -- you can plug in your favorite artists, and it will create customized radio stations for you. I usually just open it in a new window so I can listen to it while I work on my computer. Sometimes I'll even take my laptop around the house with me just to be able to listen to it. I've discovered so many new artists via Pandora. Right now I'm groovin' to a little bit of Roy Rogers! That's right, vintage cowboy music, man, do I love that stuff. In fact, speaking of good ole' Roy, I have some Christmas fabric coming in the mail, that is Roy Rogers Christmas fabric:

How fun and quirky is this stuff?! Even if you are not a vintage cowboy fan, you cannot deny the cute factor going on in this fabric! I wish I'd known about this fabric sooner because there's barely any left of it. I had to take the last yard the seller had, so that'll just have to do. I figure I'll make some sort of a quilted throw, utilizing it as the main fabric. Man, thinking about Roy Rogers makes me really miss my dad. Roy Rogers was right up his alley. Okay, let's change the subject...

This past week I signed up for an apron swap, my very first! So far I have only done quilt swaps, but the apron swaps have always been intriguing to me, especially now that an apron would actually get used around here since I am cooking much more frequently. It's perfect timing, too -- by the time Thanksgiving rolls around and it is time to cook my 2nd Annual Thanksgiving Dinner a la The Pioneer Woman Cooks!, I will be needing a full apron to wear in the kitchen especially for the big task.

This morning for breakfast, I attempted to make this easy recipe.

(image via Pioneer Woman)
So good and so easy! My husband is already a fan of eggs over easy, but I have never been able to make them for him since my family only ate our eggs one way -- scrambled -- and I had no intentions of ever changing the way I cook eggs. But Pioneer Woman changed all that, helping to fix the rift in our marriage, to change up this "house divided", haha. I made three of them for breakfast morning, one for each of us, and they were gobbled up in minutes. I told my aunts about it this afternoon when they stopped by my house for a visit, and they told me that they had to learn how to make the same thing in home ec growing up, but it was called "Mummy Eggs". I guess there are a lot of strange names for it out there. I think our house is going to pick the name "Toad-in-a-Hole" for no other reason than it makes me laugh.

I hope you all are enjoying as nice of a random Saturday as I am. ;)


Nancy said...

My hubby makes those same eggs. He calls it an egg surprise....

Thyen Party of Four said...

There's no doubt in my mind that Henry is a complete sweety - and believe me - every mom wishes she could put in their own words describing their ins and outs and challenges and love. You do a great job!!

AND - THANK YOU for posting the 'toad-in-a-hole' - my mom used to make these for us when we were little - I made them for everyone this morning - it was a walk down memory lane and fun for the girls and Jay who had never had them before.

I really enjoy your blog!

Ruth :)

Happily Ever After said...

Love the Roy Rogers Christmas fabric! I can't wait to see what you make with it.

In response to your question, Starbucks' Double Chocolaty Chip is a blended cream, a/k/a milk shake. :) It does not have coffee, so you don't even have to request that they leave it out. It has chocolate chips in it, and they top it with whipped cream. It's de-lish! Enjoy!!!

anymommy said...

They just melt your heart when they're sweet - don't they? Mine lean towards sour, but I take the sugar when it's offered. He sounds like a cutie.