Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thankful this Thursday

Thanks for all of the well-wishes and prayers sent up on behalf of my furry first-born. We received word this afternoon that the surgery was a success (no more surprise testicles hidden up in there) and that we can pick up our boy tomorrow. It's amazing how that little neurotic dog has stolen my heart over the last nine years.

(Ha. I'm laughing to myself thinking about the fact that this post has the phrase "surprise testicles" in it and what type of traffic that could bring to my little corner of the Internet. Haha.)

I am the world's biggest library geek. I love the library, as in I love the library and books and reading so much that if I could rip the pages out of them and eat them I would. Not really, but maybe. I'll have to do a post sometime soon about my life-long love affair with the library. That being said, my latest obsession is checking out DVD's for my son of some classics I enjoyed as a child. This week we've been enjoying "Walt Disney Treasures: The Complete Pluto Volume Two (1947-1951)". My son sits there with his mouth gaping open, eyes glazed over, paralyzed in a Disney-magic-induced-temporary-coma. I've sat alongside him and caught several of the shorts as well, and thought, for today, in honor of my beloved Romeo and his successful surgery, I would share my favorite Pluto cartoon from the collection with you. If you don't have time to watch the whole thing, you must at least fast forward to about the 5-minute mark and catch my absolute favorite part of the clip. I love those girl dogs screaming like crazed Beatles' fans. So cute!

Speaking of the library, maybe you were wondering what is on the top of my nightstand stack of books? Right now I am knee-deep in this little charmer:

I know, I know, I am so predictable. A book about a pig and what he can teach us about life + me = love. The quirkier the better, I always say...

And last but not least, I am over the moon excited about tickets I bought today for a concert next month here in Wonderland. I'd actually never heard of this trio until I saw the concert listing today, but after listening to a few snippets of their songs on iTunes, I was hooked as an instant fan. And who wouldn't love their name -- Hot Club of Cowtown?!

(image from their website)
Western swing and jazz -- those two are pretty much my favorite music combo these days, so I know it will be a great concert. Until then I will be soaking up as much of their music as possible and channelling my inner cowgirl. And, don't you know, it will be yet another opportunity for me to bust out my favorite footwear...

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