Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The fat lady has sung.

So how did I do?

From the "reality" list, I tackled everything but:
emailing my Sunday School women,
and I'm not done with getting the quilts ready yet (but I will be before the night is through).

I also accomplished:
30 minutes of soccer with my son
cooking both lunch and dinner (go me!)
6 loads of laundry (yes, #6 is actually in the dryer, but the rest are not only clean but also folded, ready to be put away)
AND I killed a spider (a huge victory as I usually defer to the husband for that)
AND I returned three DVD's to the library (much to my son's dismay -- no more Donald Duck for a while)

Here's the uber-delicious pizza I made for dinner (courtesy of "The Pioneer Woman Cooks!"), pesto sauce with mozzarella, Roma tomatoes, and parmesan:

All in all, not too bad. And before the night is over, I will probably have the quilts finished as I only have to assemble the backing on each and I'll be done. So, everything but an email? I rocked it! But am I exhausted? Well, yes.

Here is the quilt top with the borders finally added. The finished size is 43.5"x51.5". The binding will be a bright Kaffe Fassett polka dot and the backing is a bright Kaffe Fassett floral.

Ouch! Going to the grocery store was painful! I kept to my list, only adding a few things extra, and the grand total was $198!!!! And mind you, I shop at the Walmart Neighborhood Market which is usually one of the cheapest places to shop (sorry all you Wal-Mart haters out there). Today was really the first time I've grocery shopped and noticed the increase in food prices. They weren't kidding on the news when they said that food and gas had gone up again. It definitely will help me to focus better on making sure we eat all of that food and don't let it go to waste. Now, $20 of that was overnight diapers (which, of course, we'll be purchasing until he turns 18, just kidding, hopefully), $7 was sunscreen (yet another one that probably is not doing it's job, but the ones they mentioned that work are not carried at any stores in Wonderland), and $3 was laundry detergent that never made it home, I just realized. Don't you hate that? I'm sure it was either left at the checkout (bless his heart, we did not have the most efficient checker) or possibly even in the shopping cart. Boo. $3 down the toilet. And wouldn't you know, we had a close call when one item would not ring up. Out of all of those items in my cart, the one single item that gave the checkout guy grief was a nice big package of maxi-pads. Ha! I was just picturing what would happen when he would have to call for a "price check on aisle whatever" over the loudspeaker, or I would have to grab my crazy kid and the package for all to see and walk all the way back through the aisles to find the price. Thank goodness it finally rang up. Ever since I was a teen, that has been one of my nightmares -- public price check on maxi-pads. Ha.

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mo said...

Groceries are just out of hand! If it makes you feel better we went down the maxi pad aisle at Target today and my son started saying, "I need maxi pads! I need Always Maxi pads!" over and over. Now if he only knew what they were for. Did I mention he is eight? I think he was doing it to make his sister laugh but I just shook my head.