Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday: Early Morning Edition

Let me preface today's post by telling you that I am sitting here on my laptop at 6:45 AM. Yes, AM, that is not a typo. My favorite son (the only one, actually) must have come into my bedroom yesterday and pushed the buttons on the alarm clock, something he is not allowed to do. There is a "time zone" button that must have been pushed for I awoke (unknowingly) one hour earlier than I needed to, got up and took my shower, and came back into my bed for a few minutes of checking email, finally glancing up at the time on the top of my computer screen and realizing it was awful early. Repeat it with me now: I love my three-year-old. I love my three-year-old. I love my three-year-old.

I finally watched this movie from Netflix that I have had sitting on the shelf for a couple of weeks now:

I wasn't really expecting too much from it, but you know, it was actually pretty entertaining. Of course, I'm a sucker for those treasure-hunting movies (starting with my first love, The Goonies, but that's a whole other post in itself), and this one didn't disappoint. Now, it's not necessarily an Oscar-contender or anything, but entertaining it is.

In other news, I won a blog giveaway!!!! SOOOOO exciting!

Over at Susan's blog there were $50 worth of bath and soap products up for grabs, handmade by another blogger Karen, called Lulufish. I am super excited and looove bath products, so this is right up my alley. Thanks, Susan! Thanks, Karen!

(Oh, and did you notice in the previous paragraph anything new? That's right, folks, I'm growing up into a better blogger -- I finally, FINALLY figured out how to insert a link! This is going to open my world wide up, kids. I have a feeling I will become a linking fool...)

For today's edition of "Tackle it Tuesday", I am going to attempt to:
1. finish the quilting of my Four Seasons Summer quilt, which I've been doing by hand, thankyouverymuch
2. finish at least one more tree (sans leaves and oranges) of my master bathroom mural

It's a short list so I don't overwhelm myself, which I tend to do quite frequently. I'll be back later with updates and finally that sneak peek of the summer quilt that I've been promising you...

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Happily Ever After said...

I hate waking up at the wrong time, I did that once in a hotel, and after I got ready to go and got to the lobby to catch the shuttle. The attendant informed me there were no shuttles until 5AM, she informed me the current time was 2:30AM.