Saturday, July 12, 2008

Poo happens.

Or rather, I'm sure we all know the real word for that phrase in today's post title, which in our case would actually be very appropriate, but since I'm a clean gal, I'll leave it at that. This was definitely a POO day, and, although I really would rather not fill my blog with stories of my son's bowel movements, I cannot go without telling you what happened today. (But stay with me people, there are going to be pictures in this post, I promise! Oh, and they aren't of poo, don't worry.)

The fence man was back to continue progress this morning. While my husband took our son to soccer this morning, I stayed at the house with all five dogs inside (since the fence man needed access to the backyard as well). After soccer, the boys came home, and I left to go run a few quick errands, leaving my husband in charge of the stir-crazy dogs and our son. Just before I left, the fence man accidentally hit a water pipe from the pool. Yes, good times. I had no idea my husband would know how to fix something of that nature, but sure enough, he went out there and got to work, quickly covered in mud from head to toe. I left, knowing that my son was safe in the playroom, having just had him sit on the potty before I left.

Wouldn't you know that about an hour later I got a call from the house from a panicked husband. Our son apparently got a case of Montezuma's revenge while my husband was outside (which was only about 10 minutes while he was assessing the situation and figuring out how to stop the leak), and an especially bad one at that. My husband went on to tell me about the seven or eight separate piles of runny poo scattered throughout the playroom all over the carpet (one of the only rooms in the house that even has carpet as the rest of our house has wood floors), on our upholstered chair and ottoman, and to top it off, with a nice little pair of poo-soaked underwear hidden behind the chair (bless his heart, he thought he was going to get in trouble). Lawsy. Thankfully my husband is especially good at getting messes like that cleaned up and was able to get most of it out. We will be calling a carpet-cleaning company first thing Monday to come out and finish it up. Oh heavens. All I can say is I was especially thankful for actually being out of the house this time for a change, but bless my poor husband's heart. The positive side to the story is that my son went on the potty immediately after being discovered and went several times there. That's a positive note, right?!

Anyway, at least my errand-running was successful. I was able to buy backing fabric for this... Garden Party quilt! (Er, if you can actually call it a quilt since it is really just a big piece of fabric in the middle with one border around it. Click on the photo to make it bigger if you want to see how lovely the fabric is!) It's about 54"x71", a decent size. I actually got it finished like I said I would, and I even had great luck when I went backing fabric hunting today. Here is the backing fabric I picked up:

Hopefully you can tell from the pictures that it is an orange background with coral branches on it in purple and light purple, three of the colors from the Garden Party main fabric. Even though it is somewhat of an ocean print, because it is rather wild colors, I thought it might not look so coral-ish next to the florals and look maybe more like plain branches in funky colors. Regardless, the best part is that it was $9-a-yard-Tina-Givens-fabric marked down to $4-a-yard, and since I needed over 4 yards, it saved me money, but I still got high-quality quilting fabric. Tomorrow I will sew up the backing and buy batting so I can drop it off to be quilted next week.

I also finally ran into a decent cotton leopard print, something I've been looking for a while now. It is upholstery weight (and 54" wide) so it is a bit thicker than regular cotton, but at least it is cotton and not a furry fabric. I got the idea to mix it with my Drawing Room fabrics from this ad:

I love the shoes in this ad (I have a hunch they are from J. Crew), but I haven't been able to find a leopard print quite as golden-hued as the shoes, as I don't think one exists. But I think it will look rather nice to mix in a little leopard when I make the pillows for my sofas, probably using it as piping, and also to throw in a few squares of it for the quilted throw I hope to make as well. Here is my stash of fabrics, ready to be made into pillows and a throw:

I may need to order more of the teal and green fabric on the bottom left since I only have what was left from the chair reupholster.
Wouldn't you know it is raining again? What a crazy year of weather we have had so far. At least it makes everything nice and green and cools off the temperatures for a while!


One Shabby Chick said...

I was laughing so hard at the poo story - sorry! Oh your poor hubby!

The quilt looks great...and I'm glad you found your leopard print - it will look great with those fabrics!

Happily Ever After said...

Your husband is awesome -- although I would take the same course of action as him, there are many, many who wouldn't


anymommy said...

Poor little guy. That's terrible and really funny all at the same time. And, I love that you typed 'lawsy.' That cracked me up.

fiona said...

ah poo! sounds like you have a good man there!Love the fabics, that lepoard print is fab!