Monday, September 8, 2008

Go, Valerie, Go!

(above title needs to be sung to the tune of the world's 2nd-most-annoying theme song, "Go, Diego, Go!", only 2nd to the world's most-annoying theme song from Dora, the Explorer)

This is my wish list (around the house) for today. I am posting it on here in the hopes that I will keep myself accountable. If I even accomplish half of this, I will be ecstatic. If this works, I will maybe post more projects on here for the rest of the week. But I am not counting my chickens before they hatch, no sirree. Let's take this thing one day at a time.

Monday: tackle the kitchen (get rid of items we don't use under the kitchen island, go through the pantry to see what I have and possibly reorganize, tackle the junk drawer, er, um, make that two junk drawers), laundry (4 loads)

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Karen said...

OMG that is MY list! and I have done: none of it. Oh wait, I did two loads of laundry plus I cleaned out my husbands truck and the floor mats were gross so I just threw them right into the washer as well (not with the clothes). They look good as new. I put really weird stuff in the washer. I figure, if it survives, it's also clean, if it doesn't- it wasn't meant to be.