Saturday, September 13, 2008

I heart concerts.

I loved the American Idol concert. And I am not ashamed.

And I might have screamed like a silly little girl when David Cook came out. And maybe for cute-little-ukelele-man Jason Castro as well.

But I'll never admit it.


Tina said...

Me too! We've been to three different seasons to see the Idol concert. We really have had a fun time, and brought our kids with us this last time. (well except for the 15 year old son who wasn't interested!)

Karen said...

Funny! I love David Cook too. He was my pick for this season and because I never win anything I felt like I'd hit the lottery when he won American Idol.
The Fish LOVES American Idol and has gone to the past two or three concerts. She is always all smiles the next day when she arrives home with her AI T-shirt.

Louise said...

Our Australian Idol just started last night and we love it. Not sure who I like yet but there's lots of brilliant talent to choose from!