Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I remember exactly where I was.

Seven years ago today I was living in Dallas, driving on my way to work when I heard the news on the radio. I can picture the Walgreen's drugstore, sitting on my right, at the exact moment the man on the radio cut in to tell us terrible news. I remember adrenaline rushing through my body, a bit of panic wondering whether our country was under attack, wondering if my loved ones in other states were safe, wondering if my city was safe, etc. I remember my boss telling me to run home and grab my little TV and bring it back to work so we could all watch the news coverage, and I remember watching that news coverage all day every day for at least the next week. And I remember simply being in a perpetual state of shock for quite a while, eyeballs glued to the news day and night, just like the rest of the country.

I remember growing up hearing my parents occasionally bring up the topic of JFK being shot and where they were when they heard the news, and I remember thinking it was so odd that they could pinpoint such a time and remember it so vividly. I never wanted to have a date like that for myself, but all of us who were alive on that fateful 9/11 will now have our own date to annually recall. Not that any of us ever wanted that. I pray that my son will not have his own tragic date to look back and remember where he was when it happened.

I didn't know anyone personally affected by the tragedy, I mean, anyone that lost a loved one directly, but I joined the millions of Americans in feeling like a small piece of my heart (not to mention sense of security) was ripped out that day.

My thoughts and prayers go out today to all of the victims of 9/11.


Karen said...

I remember so vividly too. And I draw the same JFK connection.
The thing I remember so clearly after the ride to pick up my daughter from Montessori school and sitting in traffic with the windows down listening to EVERYONES radios on news channels (not music) was watching the fight jets flying over my house on patrol. I lived 10 minutes from Dulles Airport in VA where doomed flight 77 took off. Flight 77 was crashed into the Pentagon. I also don't live far from the Pentagon and I can tell you first hand that the picture you see on the news just don't do justice to the horrible tragedy that occurred there that day.
I would say that none of us who lived through that day could ever be the same as we were before, how could we possibly be?

Louise said...

I was in England that day becoming a Godparent for the first time. It was very odd standing in a church renouncing evil knowing that evil had well and truly shown itself that day. It certainly changed many of us and my thoughts are always with those who lost their loved ones..