Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Two little things

Complaint o' the day:

Why, oh why, does Anthropologie not mail me my monthly catalogs? I have signed up online numerous times. I have called a couple of times. And yet the only catalogs I ever receive in the mail are in my shipping boxes, stowed away underneath whatever item I have ordered online. Believe me, I am a good customer. And being that there is no Anthropologie in Wonderland, you'd think they would make sure and send me my monthly catalog.

Thanksgiving bit o' the day:

Today I am thankful for caramel apples. With nuts. From the grocery store in the clear plastic packaging. Not quite as good as those from the orchards in Minnesota, but until our annual pilgrimage (coming up soon), it will have to do. Ah, fall is here.

And thank the good Lord above that my boy had his first absolutely-sweet-as-pie-good-as-gold day. No spitting. No ugliness when the teacher asked him to do something or stop doing something. No biting. Just being good. All day. Happy Mama. And equally happy teacher.

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