Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Who wears the pants?

Women of America:

I implore you. I beg you. I plead with you.
Please don't make your men wear these:

Or these:

Or, as a matter of fact, these:

Unless, of course, the men in question are either age 4 and under, or they are cute little grandpas (even then it is a bit sketchy, but you can make the call).

*Items found in the Orvis catalog that arrived in my mail slot today, all of which are between the low, low price of $150-175 a pair. No jokin'. While this post is in no way intended to put down the Orvis catalog, as they have many other items in there that are very nice, it really should be considered a crime to sell these pants and expect grown men to wear them. In public. Unless maybe they are part of a costume.


Karen said...

OMG I am so buying my husband a pair...and I am going to act all serious about him wearing them when they come in the mail. Something like: I got you something really special, wait till you see! Cause my husband is an ex-marine, police officer, chopper ridin', tattooed guy who just wants to make me happy sooooo let me just see how far I can push that "need to make me happy" thing.

Karen said...

Oh, and they will be the RED pair. I am so cracking up.

Karen said...

Oh, and they will be the RED pair. I am so cracking up.

Glenna at Hollyhock Quilts said...

Hi Valerie!

LOVE me those pants!! Thanks so much for entering my contest. Wish I could afford to send everyone a book! :-( So you live in T-Town? Have we met?? If not, hope to!

mo said...

HORRIBLE!! Those are for the drunk old guy who just needs to be the life of the party at the family holiday gathering. I am so curious to know how many of those they sell each year!

Sandy said...

OMG! Those are too much!!!