Friday, October 31, 2008

Caffienated through other means

Recently my dear husband brought me home a surprise from Starbucks. Being that I am not a coffee afficianado myself, I was thrilled when it was a CD and not necessarily a drink (although I am a fan of Caramel Apple Cider). I must admit, however, that I was very skeptical. I am a music freak, and yes, this will sound strange, but I was worried that I would not like it and then be frustrated that my husband dropped 10 or 12 bucks on the CD for naught. Ever since the birth of iTunes, my own personal record store, I have been a big participant in the listen to a snippet before you buy it movement, so it is rare for me to purchase anything musical anymore without either already loving the musician or taking a "test drive" by listening to excerpts. Yes, I take my music purchases very very seriously, haha. So I popped the CD in, not knowing what to expect from the name "Fleet Foxes", but hello, sunshine, I think I am in love. (Not with the band personally, mind you, I'm not usually a big fan of the mountain man/Yeti look, but with their music? Yes, ma'am.) Their music is very easy to listen to, and I love the mellow tones to their voices. I highly recommend the CD.

Here they are on David Letterman recently, performing "Blue Ridge Mountains":

Here is a fun little claymation type video, "White Winter Hymnal":

And another, "He Doesn't Know Why":


katie said...

Cool! Although not nearly as good as the band who played for us last night! haha!

And, yes, I read that, too, about our beloved magazine... I was hoping they didn't really mean it. Maybe I'll call and ask them to change their minds! I have an entire huge stack, but another one is always so fun to get!

Thyen Party of Four said...

OOOOhhhhh .... I LIKE - I'll take a peak at Starbucks when I'm there next - WITH a drink :)