Thursday, October 23, 2008

How low can it go?

How low can it go?

According to our local news, drivers around Wonderland were paying $2.32 a gallon for regular unleaded on Wednesday night. Prices are 30 cents lower than they were one week ago. The prices in Wonderland are 50 cents below the national average.

How low can it go?

A cold front came through last night, and today's high is supposed to hover around 50 degrees with a low around 40 tonight. Thank the good Lord above that cold fall air finally arrived!

How low can it go?
Lest you think everything around here is always sunshine and roses, it's my sad duty to report to you that our house is currently the scene of a crime. Yesterday's massive rains took a toll on our poor scarecrow. I feel like we should put yellow police tape up or something.

Talk about resourceful! I saw this on Pretty Ditty today. Really. Somewhere on this planet there is a girl who took all of her little selvedge strips from her fabric (the part I usually just chuck in the trash) and actually made an entire dress out of it. Excuse me, an entire very cute dress out of it. Don'tcha just love it?


Annie said...

Hello Valerie, I am sooo pleased that you de-lurked yourself so I can start lurking your absolutely adorable and informative blog! And YES, I do remember you, though my long term memory is serving me better right now than my short term. You were the younger Norman at Nogales Ave., right... were you in my sister's class? I absolutely remember you! I, too, am thrilled about the low gas prices and low (but not TOO low) temps! I'm enjoying them while I can. I will be checking on you often... and I do think that you are lucky to have had Granny as your teacher! I amazing lady! Thanks again for blessing MY day!

Karen said...

yes, gas here in Never Never Land is at $2.31. I almost wish I had my oh-so-comfy Suburban back again...

Louise said...

Hi Valerie, do you know I have seen that gorgeous dress in real life at Jodie's housee. Lots and lots of bloggers have been collecting all those selvedges for her to produce it. She intends to add some shoes, a hat and a handbag. Have you seen the dolls she makes??? Amazing! And she's funny as well - another great crafty blogger!