Friday, October 24, 2008

Git 'er done.

Ugh. It's been one of those days. Not necessarily a bad day, mind you, I'm still quite happy regardless, but just one of those days that I don't feel very successful. And I feel extra tired -- a combo of not yet catching up from last weekend's crazy busy schedule mixed in with the very busy days from this week and topped off with not enough time being a homebody like I normally enjoy. Here it is almost 2pm, not one thing has been checked off my looooooooooong list of things needing to be tackled, and well, here I sit. And ponder.

After waiting around for the plumber most of the morning (long story) the boy and I got out of the house to traipse over to our local JoAnn's fabric store. After cruising the aisles (aimlessly, I might add), I still couldn't find exactly what I wanted, and when I had taken the time and effort to wheel all of the potential fabric choices back to their places and ended up with only one left in my cart to purchase, I turned around to find the list at the cutting table a mile long. And they are not fast at my JoAnn's. Not to mention you could make it all the way through that line only to have to stand in another mile-long line at the checkout counter, where they never seem to have enough cashiers. Add to that my son piping up "I nee doh potty", and that pretty much sealed the deal for me. We walked out empty-handed, drove all the way home, and here I've sat, lamenting the waste of time.

So, I suppose that would all add up to mean one thing:
it's time to get up off my derriere and shuffle off to start tackling that list. Ah yes, that's the spirit.

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