Saturday, October 25, 2008

Conversational Spanglish.

As far as the title goes, this post doesn't have much Spanglish in it, but our everyday life does. You'll hear phrases like "put it in your boca" or "no mas right now", etc. Since I am not yet fluent in Spanish, for now, Spanglish it is. Regardless, my boy is starting to talk more and more, and a lot of it is pretty funny and cute. I just had to type some of it down in the fear that I might forget it if I don't.

"lie a tan-pah" -- like a grandpa, said while moving my glasses to the tip of my nose, in a grandpa fashion, I guess. I'm not sure where he got that one, since my dad passed away before he came home, and his other grandpa lives far away and they only see each other about once a year.

"Hey Bal!" -- Hey Val! Um, excuse me? Since when are we on a first-name basis? I didn't even know he knew my real name, I mean, other than Mama, of course.

"Tanh tatch meeeeeeee!" -- Can't catch me!, followed with loads of giggling and sprinting off.

"Wuh woo BabyMama" -- Love you BabyMama, in response to my nightly salutation of "I love you, Baby" before I turn the lights out in his room.

"Pincess! Pincess! PINCESS!!!!!!!" -- (princess) shrieked while cruising the tulle/satin aisle of fabric at JoAnn's fabric store.

"Wat a name?" -- What's your name, asked of every single person we come into contact with. Every. Single. Person. I think we have a little Will Rogers on our hands (he never met a person he didn't like). And he only gets louder and keeps asking if the poor stranger doesn't hear him, or gasp, tries to pretend they didn't hear the question.

"No tatching. No hidding. No pussing. No biding. No puh shir." -- His morning ritual in the car on the way to preschool, listing all of the offenses he can think of that he promises not to pull. (No scratching, no hitting, no pushing, no biting, no pulling shirts, and no, I have no idea where the pulling shirts rule came from, I just hope it is not girls who have been the victims on that one!)

"Day doo, Dah, por my poo. May-men!" -- Thank You, God, for my food. Amen! At every meal. And snacktime, don't forget the snacks.

"Mama, me pitty heh!" -- Mama, I have pretty hair. Pointing to his trademark fauxhawk.

"Essdeday" and "last nigh" -- Any reference to time, be it in the future, tomorrow, a week from now, is all referred to as yesterday or last night.

"I hode you." -- I hold you, meaning please pick me up and hold me, Mama. I always thought it was cute when other little kids phrased it that way, but man, talk about tugging on your heartstrings when it's your own child saying this...

"Fah fah way?" -- Far, far away?, used in reference to all of our beloved relatives scattered across the US.

"ee-yee" -- TV.

"Sossy, Mama." -- Sorry, Mama.

"boobehbehs, tawbehbehs" -- blueberries, strawberries

"puntin pie" -- pumpkin pie, but usually refers to anything Halloween in general and all pumpkins, regardless of if they are made into a pie or not

"may-oh-mah" for "ha-ween" -- telling everyone he will be a mailman for Halloween

"peez peez" -- how he says Please, almost always said in duplicate with his cheesiest grin ever

Counting to ten: "one, two, fee, eight, nine, ten!!!"

And the not so cutest little things...

"WhyMamawhy? WhyMamawhy? WhyMamaWhy? WhyMamaWhy? WhyMamaWhy? WhyMamaWhy?" -- to be repeated at least five hundred thousand two hundred and sixty two times a day. At least. My husband, with the mischievious streak that he has, thought he would turn the tables on our son to see if it annoyed him like it annoys us, but it only goes one way apparently. If you ask our boy "Why?", he always answers with a smiling face and a "yes" or a mimicking "Tus I seh so" (cause I said so) like he hears from his Mama.

"Wheh Papa doh? Wheh Papa doh? Mama, wheh Papa doh? Wheh Papa doh?" (Where'd Papa go?) Over and over, day in and day out, even though he already knows the answer that Papa went to work. I've given up on answering the question, although my silence doesn't seem to deter the numerous repetitive question.)

"Wha dat? Wha dat? Wha dat? Wha dat?" -- (What's that?), usually followed up with the dreaded Why?

"Who dat tar?" -- (Who's car is that?), never placated by my answer of "I don't know because I don't know that person." This is a constant question in the car as he points to every stinkin' car that passes by out the window and wants to know, no, more like needs to know.

Okay, and on a totally unrelated note, why do some churches call their Halloween festivals "Trunk or Treat"? I am confused at what the "trunk" part means or where it came from. Anyone?


tag's team said...

I think that they call it Trunk or Treat b/c they do it in there parking lots and people give candy out from their cars... pretty cold way to do it if you ask me!

Tina said...

Trunk or Treat - Everyone parks in the church parking lot. The kids go trick-or-treating around the parking lot and stop at the cars where people sit by their trunks and hand out candy.

Karen said...

Oh I love that "I hold you" one. My kids said that... and my answer was ALWAYS, "Yes! You can hold me" and I picked them up thinking, "please hold me forever"

Thyen Party of Four said...

I LOVE THIS!!! :) "I hold you" - that is so sweet!