Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

Yesterday I got a wild hair that maybe we should get a pumpkin for our son to help carve. He is three-and-a-half, and in years past, this is not something we'd tried with him. I had seen some $2 and $3 at my Walmart grocery store, but those suckers were heavy and down at the bottom of huge cardboard boxes, so I mentioned to my husband to run by there and pick one up on his way home.

Sure enough, my husband picked out a pumpkin alright. He waltzed (or actually stumbled) in the house with a giant behemoth of a pumpkin -- we think it weighs around 50 pounds. Linus would surely be proud. Seriously. Really, though, what did I expect from my anything-but-normal better half?

After a dinner of chili (with Fritos) and pumpkin bread laced with mini-chocolate chips, we got to work. Or rather, my husband got to work, grunting and groaning against the weight of the thing, wrestling with it to try and pull out the top he had carved. Once that was accomplished, it took us a good hour to pull out all the guts and dig out the seeds. In the end we went for a traditional Jack-o-Lantern face -- forget all those fancy carving kits.

Think he'll scare the ghosts and goblins away from our house?


Karen said...

That thing is AWESOME! I was cracking up reading about your hubby wrestling it! That's hilarious.

Erika and Nick said...

I think the goblins will surly be scared of that pumpkin!! :)

Shannon said...

Did baby boy get to help???? I love the "stumbled" sentence!! Too funny!

Thyen Party of Four said...

You mammoth pumpkin has a twin here in Maine! :)

Annie said...

I had to laugh when I read this post; that sounds something like my own dad would do. Either that or come home with 20 pumpkins. He always does things to the extreme. On the other hand, my husband, who I adore, may or may not get home with the pumpkin. He can be quite forgetful! :) Your pumpkin turned out to be very cool! Probably the best one in your neighborhood!!!!