Friday, October 10, 2008

Tribal love

Um, yeah, sorry about the lapse in blogging lately, or should I say, just not posting quite as often nor quite as much artsy-crafty goodness as all good and faithful blog followers deserve. I shall amend that at once. Er, tomorrow, at once. Er, probably more like tomorrow evening.

For now, I'll just give a fast synopsis of the last few days around here: sewing, bird-rescuing (a tale to be told), thrifting (a new venture for me that I think I will be doing more of in the future, fun fun fun!), dice-rolling (hence the lovely Halloween costume pictured above, necessary for the ultimate-in-fun Bunko evening), indie craft show attending, and just general mayhem on the prairie as usual. I promise to return tomorrow with stories. And more pictures.

And just so you know, the costume above should not be taken lightly. I am, in fact, a card-carrying tribal member, don't let the whiter-than-white skin and green eyes fool you. I even got Indian money when I turned 18, can you believe it?! My dad's mother was born in Indian Territory, and I am darn proud to be an Indian princess. And I do believe it might have been the Great Spirit who helped me in my Bunko wins last night, ha!

I'll leave you with an old Cherokee blessing:

May the warm winds of Heaven blow softly on your home,
And the Great Spirit bless all who enter there.
May your mocassins make happy tracks in many snows,
And may the rainbow always touch your shoulder.

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Happily Ever After said...

LOVE the costume!!! You look so cute!

Oh how I miss Bunko parties!

So what did you win?