Friday, September 18, 2009

And while we're on the subject of random...

My favorite little boy word ever just might be:

MARSHMAMA's. (As in marshmallows.)

I might actually cry real tears the day he says the word correctly.

Speaking of marshmama's, I must wax poetic about my newest guilty pleasure.


Oh yeah, those nasty little sugary marshmama's in unfortunate shapes. As I child, I was not a fan. I found them disgusting, and it did not make my day if and when they showed up in my Easter basket. My family was not a family of Peeps connoisseurs, so the only way they snuck their way into my childhood was via some neighbor or long-lost family member trying to buy my love.

However, those Peeps peeps (get it?) must be marketing geniuses because they hid those gross little things in cute Halloween packaging, shaped like cute little kitties, and changed the flavoring to chocolate mousse.


Did someone say chocolate?

Chocolate mousse??

Now we're talking. Sad looking little kitties literally the color of poo that taste like chocolate mousse? Yes, please.

But those nasty white ghosts and orange pumpkins?

Blech. You can keep those to yourselves.

However, after peeping around on the website, I might be looking forward to some peppermint star Peeps at Christmas (in hot chocolate, oh yeah), chocolate mousse bears and strawberry creme hearts for Valentine's Day, and some more chocolate mousse bunnies at Easter.

Baby steps, peeps, baby steps. I'm proud to admit I was a good mother by overcoming my disdain for the other Peeps and bought the ghosts for my boy anyway, who gobbled them up like they were manna from heaven. I guess I have a new Peeps enthusiast in the house. But don't look for us to be joining the Fan Club anytime soon (oh yeah, there is one) or making the suggested Peeps arts and crafts and recipes (seriously?). Baby steps.


Rebecca said...

In our house they are marshpillows.

Rebecca said...

In our house they are marshpillows.

Country Dreaming said...

Oh goodness--not a fan at all.
I just don't find them appealing at all. :)
But you enjoy yours!


Anonymous said...

What can I say? I love those peeps! Any flavor...sugary bits of nothing good for you. I always wait until after the holiday and buy them...cheep! I mean cheap!

MOMSWEB said...

I enjoyed this! Too cute!

mo said...

The only thing we do with peeps around here is put them in the microwave and watch them slowly explode!

Happily Ever After said...

I can't stand candy corn -- it too shows up in different shapes and colors during various holidays, occasionally I think it looks good, then I taste the starchy little fructose drop -- YUK!

sacha said...

hahahaha, you like peeps, welcome to my heart.