Sunday, September 27, 2009

Just what I needed

I have a confession.

I am in a Bible study that I didn't want to be in.

Personally, I just wanted to drop my kid off in the Pre-K choir and go down to the lobby and read a book for an hour every week. That boy loves to sing, I love to read, and there you have it. The perfect little plan.

Um, yeah, I think that would have been frowned upon.

But hey, I'm nothing if not honest.

So, Bible study it was. Me, the Bible, my Bible study guide, and one reluctant heart. Check.

Thank goodness for God.

(Should I put that on a t-shirt?)

He knows what we need when we need it even if we don't think we need it.

Two weeks into this, and my mind is filling up with all sorts of wisdom.

That Beth Moore sure can tell it like it is. She has a knack of knockin' you upside the head without you even knowing she knocked you upside the head and ending up making you love her all the more for knockin' you upside the head!

We are going through this book:

A journey through the Psalms of Ascent -- and let me tell you something, I am loving the Psalms. Beth is teaching little ol' me, the gal with the reluctant heart, to take these Psalms and use them to voice my own petitions and praises to God. What's the most amazing thing to me is that something that was written thousands of years ago is just as applicable to my life today in the 21st century as it was back then. (And to think we think we've come so far, and we're all such smartypants in today's day and age. Ha.) Not that this is anything new to me necessarily -- I'm what you'd call a "cradle roll" baby, raised from diapers to adulthood in the church -- but rediscovering this truth is very refreshing.

Yep. Thank goodness for God. Thank goodness He has some better tricks up his sleeve than my harebrained ideas.

Since this YouTube video embedding was disabled, you'll have to click on the link to watch this short, beautiful video with one of the Psalms we are studying (and memorizing):

Psalm 121


Baloney said...

Glad you are in a bible study. I'm not a Beth Moore fan but I do love Community Bible Study. They even have a wonderful kids program. If you are free on Wednesday mornings next school year you ought to think about coming to CBS!

Anonymous said...

God is truly amazing. You can read the same thing many times and still come away with something new. I just love that praise song...our God is an awsome God! For indeed He is!