Friday, September 11, 2009

Funny business

More cuteness from the boy (so I won't forget):

He was hiding from me in the bathroom (behind the door). When I "found" him, he asked me, "How you know I back 'dere? I sissappeared!" Love it. Love how he pronounces "disappeared". Almost as much as I love hearing the word "skong" (strong).


One day last week we were driving in the car when he randomly announced:

"Cindewella's heart is full of happiness!"

Oh really? Apparently he's really been enjoying those Disney stories I've put on CD for him. Maybe it's time to pick out another story like Tarzan or The Rocketeer. You know, just to mix things up...


This week I took him for a haircut. Quite the little gentleman, he automatically struck up a conversation with the stylist while she cut his hair.

"What you name?"
"You got kids?"
"What you kids' names?"
"I wike your pitty scissors."
"I wike your pitty hair. It red and bown!" (Indeed, the stylist had some very bright red streaks running through her brunette mane. Obviously, the girls at the shop had been having some fun with each other's hair...)
"Thank you cut my hair. It look reeeeeeeeeel good."

Seriously, they were all just dying over his bubbly little personality. It was pretty funny, I have to admit. He even had the other two clients in stitches.

At the end of his haircut, he got to pick a prize from the treasure box for his good behavior. It was stuffed full of tiny prizes for boys and girls. He immediately picked out a bracelet.


Before I could hardly ask him what compelled him to pick out a bracelet, he handed it to me and asked me to put it in my purse for "Sophie".

How cute is that?! He gave up his chance for a prize for himself and picked something out for his best gal. Now, my boy has got some strong Latin blood coursing through his veins and has already proven himself to be quite the little Don Juan, so this wasn't really a surprise.

The next day, he marched right up to her in preschool, handed over the bauble, and she stuck it right on her wrist where it apparently stayed the rest of the day. Word on the street is that they are quite the item.

Oh, Lordy. I think I'd better start praying now for all those poor girlfriends he's sure to schmooze throughout his life...


Tina said...

love all your cute stories about your little man!

Phyllis said...

So precious!! Hopefully his girl Sophie doesn't do like Kristen did. A boy in Kindergarten (last year) gave her a "diamond", then she went to daycare that afternoon and sold it to another boy for $1. HA!!