Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Who needs the Hollywood Diet?

Want a sure-fire way to lose a few pounds and get a flatter stomach?

Food poisoning.

Good times, people, good times. It hit me yesterday morning and by yesterday evening, I was for sure the Grim Reaper was going to ring the doorbell. I have never EVER felt so sick in my entire life.

Want to double your pleasure?

My husband and I both had it. We were both so unbelievably sick yesterday afternoon that I couldn't tell you what my four-year-old was up to for a few hours in his bedroom and the playroom. All I know is I am one very blessed Mama to have a boy that follows directions, knows how to entertain himself (safely) for a few hours, and is not much of a complainer. Bless his little heart, I would think it would have been pretty scary to see both of your parents looking so poorly, but he is a champ and was brave.

Thankfully my mom came early yesterday evening and took our boy home with her for the night. It made me a little bit sad because he's never spent a night away from both of us, but since I was feeling like crap, I got over it real quick. I honestly didn't know whether or not we were going to make it through the night without calling an ambulance, but here we are today, feeling much better and on the mend. We're both still very weak and exhausted, but thankfully, the worst seems to be over. And we can now eat Saltines!

Oh, the joy.


~Michelle~ said...

oh, that is horrible...wonder what you ate?? and seriously, TGFGrandma! My hubby got food poisoning while we were being tourists in London, so I spent some quality time watching the Brit version of Candid Camera while he prayed to the porcelin god for hours - not fun, let me tell ya!

LauraJ said...

that's really scary! I had this a few years ago and it lasted for 3 days! I didn't go to the er as I should have though. I was too sick being sick!

The Busters said...

Sounds AWFUL!!! I'm so sorry. I hope you and Doug are able to venture beyond saltines soon!

amylouwho said...

I maintain my stance that everyone is a major illness away from their goal weight!

Phyllis said...

Glad you are both feeling a little better. I had it once and did go to the ER since I was traveling. Definitely not the best way to lose some weight. Hope you are both back to 100% very soon.