Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Life is just a bowl of cherries... live and laugh at it all!

Little funnies from the little funny man...

(Talking about his stuffed comrade, Buddy the dog, who apparently needed a doctor)
"He boke him favwit weg, Mama. I fix it, he my sisser!" -- He broke his favorite leg, Mama. I fix it, he my sister!

(Leaving a quilt store, bidding adieu to the employees)
"Fank you, wadies! Call me!" -- Thank you, ladies! Call me!
I have no idea where he got the "call me" line, but I was cracking up for days over that one. Oh dear.

(Heard at least once a day)
"You my favwit Mama I ever seen!" -- You're my favorite Mama I ever seen!
I'll take it.

(Said this morning while playing with his doctor's kit)
"Good morning. I Doctor Pickle." Doctor Pickle?!
"Mama, Horsey not feel well. Horsey got heggake. Horsey drink too much beer." Horsey got (a) headache.
Before you think awful thoughts of us, we don't demonstrate the art of drinking too much beer at our house. Going out to restaurants and such, the boy has noticed what looks like apple juice to him, and we have explained it as beer which is for grown-ups, and which gives people headaches. Ha.

And lately, whenever he gets a lollipop, he tells me the flavor is "Cherry Poppins". It does not matter the color of the lollipop -- they are all "Cherry Poppins" to him.

Oh, the things they say...


~Michelle~ said...

"Call me" - lawdy, that would have cracked me up if I were the recipient of that request ;)

BTW - "Lollipop" is the replacement word for any curse while @ Disneyland... "Lollipop it!" "That's a bunch of lollipop." We do our best not to teach strange kids the more colorful side of the English language... ;)

Country Dreaming said...

How funny!I love to hear chilren's
conversations-they are great!


Baloney said...

I love the Cherry Poppins line. Too cute.