Friday, September 4, 2009

Vintage Photo Friday

Gotta love that granny of mine for all her fun photos I keep discovering! (As always, click on the photos for a closer peek.) The first two were probably somewhere around 1918-1920 (my guess) and the last was probably earlier, maybe 1910-1915 (again, my best guess).

Check out her outfit -- I'm thinking somebody could've easily inspired my beloved Anthropologie all on her own...

I would've loved to have been invited to this picnic! Don't they look like a swell group of girls?

This picture made me laugh simply because of the caption handwritten at the top (you might not be able to read it because of the flash from my camera). It's labeled "Atlantic Ocean". Oh, that granny of mine and her funny little sense of humor! This was more than likely taken at a good ol' watering hole smack dab in the country in Oklahoma.

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