Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We interrupt this broadcast...

Golly gee, you guys. You sure know how to make a gal feel good, sending all those well wishes my way. My body is so much better, and now I'm just working on my spirits...

since my poo-poo iPhoto program has decided to stop working all of a sudden

and I can't import any photos

although it tells me that it just imported all 54 of them (hurray)

but it is a big fat liar

because they are nowhere to be found

except on my camera

where I don't need them anymore

which means my blog posts are all boring

and I have so much fun stuff to blog about

like the two quilts I entered in the State Fair

that OPENS TOMORROW, people

(what if there is a ribbon on either of them?!)

or my two crazy kitties

or the fact that I just stuffed 20 envelopes to mail out my quilt block requests

for the online quilting bee (whew, so much work!)

or the other OLIVE DOLL I made (I know, I can't stop, it's a sickness)

all of which means this normally unusually super-happy gal

is a bit frustrated

and might have contemplated throwing her laptop out the window

but not really

because who has that kind of money

to just replace things like that.

Here's hoping in the next week or so I can get some computer guru to fix this little problemo for me, and I'll be back to posting in no time...


Anonymous said...

Glad you are feeling better. Sounds like you have been super busy with all your projects. What fun and too bad you can't post pics of all your work...SOON...I hope!

Tina said...


Country Dreaming said...

Oh my goodness this on top of food poisoning. Tha t would be enoughto send me overboard!

Hope you get your photos soon and glad to hear you are feeling better.