Saturday, November 28, 2009

Even I couldn't escape Black Friday.

Did you get out and brave the crowds yesterday?

One of the most memorable Black Friday's I can remember was when we were up in Minnesota. My friend, Michelle, dragged me around with her, and we had a lot of fun. I distinctly remember how stinkin' cold it was (I'm sure it was probably only around zero or in the low teen's, if that, at 3 or 4 in the morning). There was snow on the ground that Thanksgiving. And I remember sitting in the warm car in the wee hours of the morning with her snoozing baby girl in the carseat while she ran into Menards for something on her list. I can still hear that Menards' jingle in my head to this day, even though we don't have any Menards down here in Okie-Land. Sometimes my husband and I break out into song, singing that jingle just for a laugh between us.

In the last few years, I've been almost scared of Black Friday. The crowds, the chaos, the lines, the parking lots, and having to get up so gosh darn early -- yuck! This year I sent my husband and boy to do the dirty work, since they were venturing out anyway, albeit hours after all the crazies had gotten started. There was only one item on my Black Friday list, and they didn't have to get up early to get it, although they did apparently get the last one in the store in the cobalt blue color I wanted.

a Martha Stewart Collection Cobalt Enameled Cast Iron Round Pot, 2.75 quarts

It was normally $69.99 at Macy's, but on sale for $24.99, one of the "Doorbuster" deals. Compare it to the original Le Creuset brand that sells for around $110 for the same size, and you've got yourself a pretty good deal there. In fact, I might go back later today and get the next size up, 5 quarts, for around $50 (with the Macy's coupon). It runs around $220-250 in the Le Creuset brand! Highway robbery, I tell you.

Now that I've gotten back in touch with my inner domestic diva, I've been cooking a whole lot. As in we don't eat out for the majority of our meals anymore. It's been great for the budget, great for the health, and just fine for the waistline. (My mantra has always been: I would much rather be happy and chunky than starving and skinny.) I've always wanted to buy a fancy dutch oven, but like I said before, those Le Creuset ones are way too pricey. Even the Paula Deen brand one I was eyeballing at Walmart (in the bigger size) is something like 70 or 80 bucks! Thank goodness for Martha Stewart. Who would've thought she'd produce something so much more affordable?

In fact, speaking of cooking, this morning I whipped up a delicious breakfast for us, since my cookbook from Serena arrived last week, and I was itchin' to test it out. She was so sweet not only to send me the cookbook, but she also signed it! How cool is that?! I'm convinced our breakfast tasted that much better since I was using the recipe out of a signed copy. I made the "Apple Puff Pancake".

(Thanks to Flickr for the image.)

You can click here for a write-up about the cookbook that has the recipe at the end of it. So easy, and delicious, especially with real maple syrup (thanks to my husband for picking me up a new bottle of that delicious goodness). We had enough for breakfast for the three of us for both today and tomorrow.

Now to dream up what the first meal in my new piece of cookware is going to be...


Country Dreaming said...

No Black Friday treks for me.
Not ready for Christmas shopping yet. Glad you were able to the last one-that doesn't always happen.


amylouwho said...

I love my cast iron pot! It's worth every penny - I'm sure your's will be too. I use mine almost everyday!

Baloney said...

I am anti-black Friday. Might hit the online sales next year, though.
That pot is adorable! I'm so impressed your husband went to get it. That would never happen around here.

@nnie said...

I so want one of those too, but I would never know how to get a deal like you just explained. Just how did you do that? Good job to you and hubby and son for getting it done!

dobco said...

The pancakes look devine! I am going to have to link that and check out the recipe. The only shopping I did on Black Friday was at Food Lion!

Phyllis said...

I did venture out late in the morning on Friday. The mall was crazy, but we had fun. I got a little sack full of stuff from Bath & Body 7 items and only paid for 3 :) I love a good deal.

The Busters said...

"Save big money at Menards. " (in my sing songy voice) :)

design gal said...

love me some cast iron pots! your blog is lovely!

Fern said...

Ooo... crazy good deal on the blue pot! :)