Saturday, November 14, 2009

"PW and Me" (or "Me and PW")

Remember how I told you I met the infamous Ree a couple of weeks ago?

Here's the proof.

Since there were plenty of other stalkers, I mean, devoted followers, in line behind me, we didn't get to exchange life stories as I had hoped. But she did start out with a funny comment to me about worrying about her sweaty pits (oh yes, she did), and then she complimented my leopard heels (which are darling, if I do say so myself), and I was able to throw it on out there that if she ever needed someone up at the lodge to play hours upon hours of showtunes for her own pleasure, I was that pianist.

Strange how she didn't drop everything at that point and ask for my information so she could invite me up right away.


Guess I'll just have to be content about the fact that I have a signed cookbook in my possession now. Even if it doesn't have a Thanksgiving recipe section in it like I had hoped for. Because I'm not bitter about that. Not at all.

And yes, Marlboro Man was there, too. You should have heard the gasp from some of the ladies when he walked in. But not from me. I had seen him before and stood in line behind him a couple of Christmases ago at the bookstore. He's not real chatty so we didn't exchange any words, and I didn't want to weird him out back then that I knew who he was. You know, 'cause I'm not the stalker sort.

Nope, not at all.

It was really all quite surreal though. I mean, think about it, can you imagine if you all of a sudden had thousands upon thousands of blog followers coming to meet you on a tour of several cities? Especially if you were a gal from a ranch, isolated from the rest of the world for your day-to-day life? It was just an interesting thing to think about -- the fact that she is just an everyday person like the rest of us, but skyrocketed to the bigtime almost overnight. And there she was, in a crowded room with plenty of women who knew enough facts about her to score an "A+++" on a trivia quiz about her life. Huh.

The experience was fun. Because it was the second booksigning in our town that week (and not on the original schedule), there wasn't near as big of a crowd as I thought there would be. My friend, Shannon, and I waited in line maybe an hour, but we were 3rd or 4th in line, so once she arrived, we were outta there in about ten minutes. And we met a super fun gal in line next to us that really helped pass the time.

So that's the story.


Baloney said...

I'm jealous. I didn't know about the signings!

The Busters said...

I love the PW and have also thought how crazy it is that she truly went from regular old gal to famous overnight! Love the pic! :)

dobco said...

I'm so jealous. I am thinking that I may have to be content to just own one of her cookbooks even if it is not signed! Hard to believe where this technical world of ours can lead you.

Farmgirl Paints said...

She's coming to Minneapolis next Sat. I'm going to see her at the Mall of America! Something tells me the wait and line might be a little longer. So cool though that she is just a little ole blogger like us...well sort of:)