Saturday, November 7, 2009

If money grew on trees...

I {heart} this yo-yo quilt from my beloved Anthropologie.

Oh yes, this quilt that three people somewhere in this very universe (according to the product reviews) have already shelled out $498 for and bought (plus tax, people, and maybe shipping, who knows).

How these people apparently have a $498+ budget allowance for Anthropologie bedding is beyond me.

On the other hand, the sick and twisted part of me thinks that $498 is not all that far-fetched.

Not that $498 isn't a boatload of money, but hear me out. If that Oklahoma quilt took my mom and I countless hours and hours and hours to accomplish, can you imagine how many hours it would take to make a yo-yo quilt? Those babies have to be made by hand, every last one of them.

Regardless, since there is not a surplus amount of $498 in my piggybank specifically earmarked for only one single Anthropologie item, I have a very strong feeling that this might be on my list of things to try and duplicate in the coming year. Don't hold me to it, but if I don't try to replicate it, it probably isn't going to be living in my home any other way.

What's interesting is that the furniture store, Ethan Allen, came out with a yo-yo quilt a few years ago. My mom gave me the ripped-out catalog page to drool over, and one day this summer, I got the guts up to walk in there, bypass the feeding frenzy of sharks (i.e. salespeople) and head straight to the bedroom furniture to see it for myself. It is covered completely in smaller, same-size yo-yo's that would take even longer to make since you would need somewhere in the ballpart of a kajillion of them to make a quilt. And the Ethan Allen version is priced at the low low price of $749. Oh yeah. See, Anthropologie is looking more and more affordable now, right? Pshaw.

Moving on...

I {heart} this crochet tablecloth from there as well.

It is the low low price of $128.

For that low low price, my four-year-old would need to keep himself and his ten little sticky fingers far far away from it. Maybe my husband, too, for that matter.

Now picture my own smiling face after hearing the news from my dear mother who informed me that she has an entire drawer full of crocheted doilies my grandmother made.

Cha-ching. The money tree in my brain just sprouted some leaves.

Replication is a form of flattery, don't you think?


LauraJ said...

That is a beautiful bed spread! I challenge you to make it!! :) I double dog dare you!!
I love looking at the Christmas decor on the anthropologie site. Ahhh such prettiness and cuteness!

Country Dreaming said...

Yes! We need more replication in this world!


Farmgirl Paints said...

Ohh that's a very good idea. Make use of what you already have and save $500. I love Anthropologie too... wish it came with a Target price tag;)

Anonymous said...

The table cloth looks like it may be a Battenburg with the doilies sewn around it...cleaver idea. I just happen to live in a town that has a lace factory...and doilies that you can get very cheap. I'm keeping that in mind for a future project! The yo-yo quilt...hmmmm, not ready to tackle that one!