Thursday, November 12, 2009

A little more quilty goodness...

Yeah, so my last post was a bit on the lame-o side, but hey, at least I posted. You know you all have wanted to do that before. ;)

Here is a fun item I picked up this past Saturday. Our little city had a "Vintage/Antique Show", and I have to admit, I was a skeptic. Deep down I had hopes for finding some bargains, much like at the flea market, but I also knew that the dealers here would be the bonafide type who would actually know what to price their items at and how much stuff was worth. The majority of dealers were just like I suspected -- they knew what they had was worth something, and so a lot of the prices were a bit on the steep side. $300+ for a cute pair of vintage cowboy boots? Yeah, I'm probably not gonna be forkin' that out anytime soon.

But thankfully there were a handful of vendors that had some genuine treasures and didn't necessarily know it. Hence, I picked up this little beauty for 15 bucks. (Sorry for the darker picture -- I forgot to lighten it up in my iPhoto program.)

A vintage, unfinished quilt top. Sure, it's a crazy mess of patterns, but I have a great use for it -- as a tablecloth when we have fun parties and whatnot. I plan on skipping the batting, adding a layer of plain flannel on the back, and then binding it all around, which should make it perfect for draping a table. I was pretty excited to get this. There are so many times I've seen other people's blogs about their treasures they picked up here and there, but my luck (until now) hasn't exactly held out for finding such bargains.

Anyway, my mom and I were walking around afterwards in other booths, when another dealer stopped me to ask what was in my sack. The quilt was stuffed down in a plastic grocery sack, so all she could barely see was the top. She said that she was a quilter and wanted to see what I picked up. After taking it out to show her and looking back and forth at her and her husband's faces, it dawned on me that she was a lady whose blog I follow! Sure enough, it was Glenna Hailey, feedsack expert and fabric designer and author of a quilting book sold nationwide. Cool, huh? I'd used a couple of her patterns and sent her the pictures of the quilts a while ago, and when I told her who I was, she gave me the biggest hug. Sure enough, with the feedsack expert at my fingertips, she confirmed that the quilt I had just bought was made up almost entirely of feedsack fabrics. She said she'd had her eye on that quilt, but since she has so many quilts in her collection already, her husband put his foot down, haha. She was excited a fellow quilter had snatched it up! Meeting her just tickled me pink. What a fun day!

My mom and I found a few other treasures after that, which I will have to take pictures of and save for a later post. My mom's purchase is my favorite, and you'll see why...

(And just to let you know, I haven't forgotten that I still need to blog about my face-to-face encounter with the infamous Pioneer Woman. Forgetful me forgot to take my camera with me that day, so I am patiently waiting for my friend with the iPhone who went with me to email me the pictures she took.)


Country Dreaming said...

How exciting fo you to 1--get a bargain and 2--to meet someone such as you did!
There are time when blogging I wish that I could meet all the wonderful people that I have met and hope to meet in the future.
It doesn't matter that we really are strangers to each other in the beginning but as the time goes on we have those oppotunities to get to know each other better!
I think that is the best part of blogging!


The Busters said...

What a great encounter! I am very much looking forward to the PW post. I LOVE her!!