Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I know you've missed the random...

...so here you go.


Hmmm....seems like I missed two more days of NaBloPoMo. Oh well.


Today I received the biggest compliment of my musical career. It was the last day of another six-week session of ballet with another elementary school. Once a week for the past six weeks we had two classes come in to the studio for an introduction to ballet, and the second of the two classes was partially filled with deaf education students. They are always my favorite. It is remarkable how they are able to learn and beautifully execute the ballet moves just as well as any of the other students even though they are unable to hear the music to help keep time.

At the end of class all the girls were giving out hugs and goodbyes to the ballet instructor and to myself. The student teacher came up to me and told me that one of the girls who is completely deaf came up to her and signed to her that my piano music was beautiful. The student teacher was a bit puzzled since she knew that the girl couldn't hear the music at all. But the girl told her that she could feel the vibrations through the floor and that it WAS such beautiful music. The student teacher also told me that this little girl isn't prone to handing out compliments, so she knew that it was genuine.

When the student teacher told me this, I could have just melted into a puddle on the floor, right then and there. I will never forget this compliment as long as I live.


There's a twenty-two pound poor naked bird sitting in my fridge, waiting for the brine solution to cool so I can drown it for the next 36 hours. This will be my third year of bird-roasting, thanks to none other than good ol' P-Dub. My house is already smelling divine after boiling the brine solution, and you know, come Thursday, it's really going to be smelling good!

I can hardly wait for Thursday!


And I'm not too proud to tell you that earlier today there were exactly three half-gallons of Blue Bell Peppermint ice cream sitting in my freezer. And I might have to go back to the store tomorrow and pick up at least one more since it is my absolute favorite. I've been limiting myself to one scoop a day, so hopefully it will last a while...

So, if you see me in the next month or two and think, hmm, looks like that girl has been putting on a little weight, well, just keep it to yourself. Ice cream makes me happy, okay? ;)


~Michelle~ said...

*sigh* such a great compliment, what a sweet girl

Country Dreaming said...

Children are full of surprises!
That was very nice of her to give you the compliment. Those do make the day!

Happy Thanksgiving!

LauraJ said...

nothing wrong with a little or a lot of ice cream. i could use some for breakfast myself. if I had some!
it always melts our hearts to hear compliments. :)

The Busters said...

What a lovely compliment!! You and my mom should start a peppermint ice cream fan club! :) She always buys it around Christmas time and she is the only one who likes it. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Lorrie said...

okay, so pregnant me has had a huge craving for Blue Bell Peppermint Ice Cream. Alas, I went to our little Walmart neighborhood market looking for some only to find none. I gave in and bought the Blue Bunny version. Just so you know, it doesn't compare. Everyone knows I'm pregnant, so maybe I can hide the few extra pounds of ice cream. :o)

love your compliment! how neat!