Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Finish this phrase...

Because it's a snow (really, ice) day, and because I don't have any fun pictures to post, and because I can't think of anything exciting to blog about today, I thought I would take advantage of this "meme" (is that what these are?) I saw over on Kori's blog. It was kind of hard to come up with some of these answers. Let me know if you do this as well -- I'd love to read what everyone else comes up with.

I live: where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain. Now you know.

I work: as a pianist, but only a few hours a week, although, being a mom is pretty much full-time hard work.

I smell: nothing right now, surprisingly.

I listen: to sermons, but I have a hard time concentrating much of the time.

I hide: chocolate from my diabetic husband, and sometimes peanut butter, too.

I walk: most nights on my treadmill for four miles in an hour while watching Gilmore Girls. I wish America was more like Europe where people walk to most places and are in much better physical shape.

I write: numerous "to do" lists every day.

I see: the good in almost everything.

I sing: Big Band and jazz standards to myself when I am alone.

I can: turn a Styrofoam cup inside out.

I watch: less network TV now that the stupid networks have canceled my favorite shows and more cable TV, especially TLC.

I daydream: about living in the country, but preferably minus the spiders, vermin, and coyotes.

I want: to be more organized and enjoy cooking and cleaning.

I cry: usually about once a month. Hahahahaha.

I read: lots of books from the library, but I wish I would have more of a passion for reading the Bible on a daily basis than I do.

I love: Blue Bell ice cream, especially "Homemade Vanilla", even though I am usually a chocolate girl.

I rode: on a camel once, when my best friend's mom took us to the Shriner Circus.

I sometimes: want more kids, but then I sometimes don't. We've got a pretty nice little threesome going.

I fear: drowning in the ocean.

I hope: it's a mild summer this year. I hate the ultra hot and humid days.

I eat: mostly well-balanced, healthy meals. But I must always have a little dessert.

I drink: hardly any caffiene, maybe a pop every once in a while, definitely no coffee, and very rarely a cup of tea.

I play: Bunco.

I miss: my dad. Terribly. And my friends and family who live far away.

I forgive: but I sure can have a hard time forgetting sometimes. Other times, I forget completely and couldn't recall if you asked me to.

I drive: an almost 13-year-old car, and I could care less what people think about that. Me, I think it rocks that my gas mileage is so fantastic, my car is in tip-top condition, and we save money with no car payments. Plus, my dad helped me buy it, so I will NEVER get rid of it.

I lost: two friendships last year, and I really hate that. Well, not so much lost them, but kind of let them go because of how the relationships were affecting me, but they are not forgotten and I hope one day to possibly rebuild them if it is healthy for both sides.

I dream: all the time, but rarely remember my dreams.

I kiss: my dogs. Yep, I'm one of those people.

I hug: my two guys every chance I get.

I have: never been to New York City, but would love to go someday, especially if it involved the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

I remember: all too vividly what it was like to be unpopular growing up and picked on. It still affects the way I think of people.

I don't: think Oprah is all that great, and I think she has become a cult.

I believe: in Jesus Christ who died on the cross for our sins.

I owe: some money back to the piggy bank.

I know: a little bit of Spanish, but I sure wish I was fluent.

I hate: that there are so many people hungry and in need around the world when we over here in America gripe about such petty things.

I wish: our house was completely paid off and that we also had a completely paid for vacation home in Oregon. Ha!

I wear: lots of corduroy pants, but they are not so fun to get the wrinkles out of. I especially like them for the swishing sounds they make when I walk.

Maybe I should: stop procrastinating. And that's not really a maybe.

People would say that I'm: a pistol.

I don't understand: why everyone is constantly upgrading their cell phones.

Life is full of: time, it's just that you don't know how much you're gonna get.

My past is: pretty boring if you want to talk about the teenage years. I was a good girl and a nerd.

I get annoyed when: my time gets wasted.

Parties are: a lot of work.

Tomorrow: is always when I say I'm going to do something I've been putting off.

Never in my life have I: been more comfortable in my own shoes.

When I was younger, I: had a room decked out in Holly Hobbie finery.

When I'm nervous: I try and concentrate on the very minute I will be done with whatever it is I'm nervous about.

When I was 5: I wore my new red "Annie" dress on my first day of kindergarten. My mom made it.

My life is not complete without: my husband, son, and all five dogs.

If you visit my hometown: you'd be surprised at how nice of a place it is to live, even if it's not the most exciting place. Many people call it a hidden gem.

The world could do without: greed.

If I ever go back to school: it will be to enroll my son, or it would be to attend a cool art school of some sort for a short period of time.


Kori said...

Loved all your answers. Awesome to learn a litle more about you.

Shannon said...

I miss one of those friendships too...

I was just thinking today how much I love living in T-Town. It is my home!