Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Proud to be an American.

What an exciting day for the United States of America! This might sound like a strange comment coming from me, especially since I was a McCain/Palin supporter. But the truth is, I do agree with the fact that President Obama represents such an amazing change for our country, and whether you want skin color to be an issue or not, it is. I am the mother of a boy with the most beautiful brown skin you've ever seen, and I would be a fool to not celebrate what this day means for our country, and the fact that it is opening those doors even wider for my boy and his hopes and dreams. If my boy grows up dreaming of becoming President of these United States, his skin color will not be an issue. I've actually been quite appalled and disappointed in these last few days with so many comments I've heard or read (via Facebook) from friends of mine and fellow Christians across the country regarding this new President. The truth is, no matter what our political opinions are, we are called by God Himself to support our leaders.

Romans 13:6 (The Message version):
"Fulfill your obligations as a citizen. Pay your taxes, pay your bills, RESPECT YOUR LEADERS."

I even found this website: Presidential Prayer Team -- a great resource that tells us specifically how we can best pray for our new president, especially through these first 100 days in office. All of us, regardless of our political opinions, should be praying for President Obama, for his protection and safety, that he would seek the wisdom of God, surround himself with wise counsel, that he will execute and administer justice.

God Bless America. And congratulations to President Barack Obama and his family.

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Annie H. said...

Thank you for this post. I agree... it may be hard for those who didn't vote for Obama, but there is no changing that he is now our president, and for the good of our country, we should pray for him and hope the best for him and USA. Thank you for such an apropos post and standing up and saying some stuff that needs to be said.