Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Where is my chicken soup?

It just occurred to me that my blog hasn't been very crafty lately, and it is titled "My Own Crafty Wonderland", now isn't it? I feel like I am still catching up after the holidays. My poor sewing machine has sat neglected for over two months now, still in the plastic wrap from when I took it Christmas break to be serviced. The good news is that it should purr like a kitten when I do get it back out.

Another delay in blogging is the fact that something is amiss with my photos on my computer. I have so many photos I could post, but for some odd reason, they are only showing up in my iPhotos program and not when I search for them when it comes time to upload them to a blog post. Argh.

And I have a cold. A good old-fashioned make your nose burn and good-gracious-how-many-times-is-it-truly-possible-to-blow-your-nose-in-less-than-a-minute cold. Not that I am complaining too much -- somehow every year we seem to avoid the dreaded stomach bugs that travel around, and we always get our flu shots as well -- so a cold is usually as bad as it gets around here. Uncomfortable for sure, but I'll look at the silver lining and take a cold anyday over those others. (In fact, I must seize this opportunity and tell you how over-the-moon thankful I am for my crazy healthy boy. Other than his yearly checkups, my almost-four-year-old has only been to the pediatrician one other time for pink-eye, which really doesn't count as a very serious visit at all.)

Okay. That's all. Nothing exciting, sorry. Hopefully I'll be back in a day or two and have some more interesting posts. (With pictures, hopefully.)

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Annie H. said...

when it rains it pours. But things will dry up again and I, for one, can't wait for some crafty and wonderful posts!