Monday, January 12, 2009

Never a dull moment.

Tonight was our first game of the season in our church men's basketball league. As I've mentioned before, my husband and I took on the leadership for the newlyweds class at our church (and "nearly newly" and "dating"). Since we've got most of the younger guys, we knew we would have an awesome team. My husband, usually the non-sporting type, decided he needed to sign the roster as well to show leadership, be supportive, yada yada yada. Now, keep in mind, my husband is our token "old guy", considering he just turned 40 years old and some of our guys are in their early to mid-20's, with maybe a few in their very early 30's. (And no, dear readers, I am not calling any of you "old" out there if you, too, find yourself in good company with my husband age-wise. It just makes it more fun to tease him, especially since we are surrounded by all the young newlyweds.) So, being the odd man out already, he knew he wanted to find some way to bring the funk, so to speak.

Anyway, he decided he wanted to dress "old school" -- you know, short shorts, headband and wrist bands, high-top Converse, tube socks and all. He had trouble finding the short shorts like they used to wear (thank the good Lord above), so he settled on some bright red medium-length shorts. Since it was cold outside tonight, he put on sweats over his outfit, and left a few minutes earlier than my son and I since he wanted to get there a tad early to "practice" (considering he hadn't played in like 20 years).

When my son and I got there, I could already see the newlywed wives laughing on the bleachers, especially when they saw the two of us coming, so of course, I knew something was up. Sure enough, when my boy and I sat down with the girls, they could barely stop from laughing to tell me that they had a great story for me! In our almost seven years of marriage, that means one thing and one thing only to me -- my husband did something highly embarrassing.

Sure enough, according to the girls, Doug was telling them all (including his teammates) about his awesome outfit, and whipped off the sweatshirt and then whipped off the sweatpants to show off his outfit. Unfortunately for him, his basketball shorts whipped right off along with the sweatpants, and he ended up standing there in his skivvies in front of all these poor newlywed wives without even realizing it at first.

Yep, my husband stood there in front of these poor girls in his underwear. I'm just glad they weren't tighty whities, but still. Here we are the directors of the class, and my husband totally pulled off his pants in front of all the wives. Bless their cute little hearts.

I'll be praying that we still have couples show up to class this Sunday...;)


Karen said...

Ok - really - I am going to throw up I am laughing so hard. I am rolling around on my couch laughing. I am laughing while I am typing this...THAT'S HILARIOUS...hilarious I tell ya!
Thinkin' maybe your hubby doesn't think it's so hilarious. Oh God I can't stop laughing...hahahahaharharhar, scream! giggle! squeak! snort!

Kori said...

Got to love the Hubby for not even knowing. Hilarious.

One Shabby Chick said...

HIlarious - poor guy! I'm sure you'll have an even bigger group on Sunday :-)

~ Lisa @ AbidingThere~ said...

Hysterical! It'll be a looonnggg time before he lives this one down. Really funny :)

Thyen Party of Four said...

Ohhhh... I have TEARS!!!! DO you think you could pack it when you all come up in July!? :) Oh .... Doug is such a good sport :)

Happily Ever After said...

That is just too funny!!!

Susan S. said...

I'm LOVING and CRACKING up at all your cute stories. Thanks for bringing some joy to me today!