Monday, January 26, 2009

Random. It's what I do best.

Forgive me, but last night, while watching "A Very Duggar Wedding" (while on my treadmill, thankyouverymuch), I couldn't help but chuckle at the amount of birth control commercials. I'm totally not making fun of the Duggars -- in fact, I find so much about them to be really inspiring in ways -- but the irony did make me chuckle. Personally, just watching a show about having 18 children is enough to keep me from having that many children myself, haha. (Props to the Duggars and how happy they seem to be with so many wonderful children, but whew, it is not for me. Of that I am sure.) Do they show that many birth control commercials during "Jon and Kate Plus 8" as well? I'll have to pay more attention.


The IceMan cometh. As I type this the freezing rain is steadily coming down. Thankfully I made my grocery store run this morning and am tucked away safe and sound inside my warm house. I'm hoping and praying it is nothing like the beast we got last year. 10 days without power for us. The city was basically shut down. We bought a generator (with professional install, which was way more expensive than the generator itself) which basically was Merry Christmas/Happy Birthday to each other for the next few years. Not exactly the most awesome present I could come up with if I got to pick, but a blessing nonetheless. Believe me, I was begging for that generator. But I'm hoping we don't end up having to actually hook it up again this week.


The boy's bedtime prayer last night mentioned bubblegum. Several times. And I didn't make the list. Hmmmm. My ratings must be down...


Did I mention that I bought my first anti-wrinkle cream last week? Hmmmm. A true sign that I am into my 30's, yes?


Too cute. My boy is a tad distraught right now because one of his cars stopped working. (Batteries, it's always batteries around here. And I'm the mean mama that sometimes allows the noisy toys to remain without batteries indefinitely. That comes from being the one that has to listen to them 24/7.) All of a sudden a lightbulb seemed to come on in his head because he ran off, came back and announced, "I fix it mysef!", and proceeded to first use his doctor's kit on it (cute, right?), and when that didn't work, ran off, and came back with his wooden tool kit. You gotta love the imagination.

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Annie H. said...

stay warm inside! It looks like our town may have escaped the worst of the ice, but the sleet is coming down!