Friday, January 23, 2009

A most quiet Friday.

Usually I don't mind the winter, but this year I seem to be longing for springtime to come already! We've actually had virtually no real winter weather here in Wonderland yet (as opposed to the world's worst ice storm last year), and there has been one afternoon almost every week that the temperatures manage to climb up into the 60's and even sometimes the 70's (like yesterday) before plummeting back into the 20's and 30's again. These little gifts of warmth have probably been the culprits behind making me want spring already -- once you have a taste of the warmth again, it's hard to want to go back to being cold. This afternoon I've already watched this little clip several times to sort of pacify me until Lady Spring decides to arrive. "Alice in Wonderland" has always been one of my favorites!

Today has been a nice, boring day so far, just like I like them. My husband surprised me and took our son to work with him this morning, giving me a nice 4-5 hours of quiet freedom at home. He returned him to me just in time for lunch, and then, voila! Time for a second round of quiet for me -- NAPTIME! Woohoo! I can't say I've been super productive, but I have managed to get a few things done, and most important of all, I've had time to relax and rest since my nice little cold doesn't seem to be leaving me anytime soon. Ahhhh-chooooooooooooo!

I put in an order for a few pieces of this for my boy's closet (found at The Land of Nod):

Two blue large hanging organizers and one small (shoe-size) blue hanging organizer to go between them. The right side of my boy's closet is incredibly shallow, and the one rod that is installed there is so close to the wall that it makes it very difficult to hang up clothes on that side. Now I will be able to take all the hangers down from that side, fold all the little t-shirts up, and stack them on these hanging organizers. One more step towards organization!

I wish I could show you pictures of my newly organized house, well, the parts I've tackled so far at least. Like I mentioned yesterday, my iPhoto program is jacked up right now, so I think my computer will soon be taking a trip to one of those Geek Squad/Nerds R' Us type establishments for some serious help. It's driving me crazy that I can't upload any personal pics to Facebook or to my blog posts right now!

I'm very excited to announce that I finally got the opportunity to join a quilting bee! Our group, Pieced Together, starts next month. It's a larger than normal group of 20, but I'm excited because that means I will have more quilt blocks to make a larger quilt with. I've only done swaps in the past, no quilting bees, so this will be a great change of pace. Plus, I am one of the later months, so that will give me plenty of time to plan out what I want for my quilt.

How's that for a boring blog post? Ha! Hope you are enjoying your Friday, wherever you are!

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