Saturday, May 10, 2008

Change o' plans.

Today we were supposed to take the boy with us for a family treat and go see "Speed Racer" at the IMAX. (My idea, even.) Thankfully, I woke up this morning to a quiet house (husband took our son to soccer, yes, soccer for tiny three-year-olds with parent participation) and was able to check my blog reader. This means I was able to read a review of the movie that said it stinks, is too long, is too confusing with jumping from past to present several times, has too many plotlines, and get this, Speed Racer says the "S" word.

Yipes! I definitely thought it would be an okay movie to take my three-year-old to, but not if Speed Racer himself is uttering the "S" word. Shoot. (Not the "S" word I am talking about.)

So, new change of plans. We will now be taking our boy to a Renaissance Fair tomorrow! Woohoo! And it works out perfectly after all -- today is supposed to be stormy this afternoon, not good for being outside all afternoon at a Renaissance Fair, but tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and cooler than normal, perfect for being outside, immersed in all things Renaissance, while not burning up. I'm actually excited -- Renaissance fairs are not normally my thing, but now that I am the parent of a three-year-old little boy who loves all things like knights and horses and jousting with swords, I know that I will love seeing his face light up every two seconds.

And Happy Mother's Day to me. My sweet husband came to me last Sunday and handed me a gift -- a pre-paid Visa for me to spend. And here's what he said: "I know today is not Mother's Day, but I might forget by next week, so it is better for me to go ahead and give this to you now." Ha! Gotta love a man who will admit forgetting things, but who tries his darndest to be better about the whole thing. And he knows that a pre-paid card with money is the best gift, thus enabling me to pick out what I want. God bless him. So it worked out perfectly that my favorite designer, Anna Maria Horner, had her long-awaited new line of fabric, "Drawing Room", hit the stores this week (or should I say "store", as I have only seen it one place so far on the web). I have been waiting on pins and needles for this fabric to come out because I want to sew all new pillow covers and maybe a quilted throw for my living room (my goal is to have a set of spring/summer pillow covers and a set of fall/winter pillow covers to switch out). With tax and shipping, my order ended up being 60 cents shy of the amount on the gift card. Perfect!

Here are the fabrics I ordered:
(ivory sketchbook - 2 yards, but it is on backorder, so it may be a few weeks before I actually get it)

(Nouveau Bouquet - 2 yards)

(Teal Shadow - 1 yard)

(Blue Trellis - 1 yard)

There are two sofas in my living room -- one is red velvet (my favorite) and the other is ivory microfiber. Both are two cushion sofas with taut backs (no pillows) so I like to have lots of throw pillows (feather-filled) on both. Of course, the pillows need to be cotton and washable since my lovely Italian greyhounds all think the pillows are just for them and lounge on them almost every night. there are also two chocolate brown microfiber chairs in there as well. My walls are a light yellow/chamois color, and the dining room is visible with its robin egg blue walls. So I am hoping the colors in these fabrics will all work well. I am a color girl for sure! (Let's just not think about the fact right now that I will have to actually do a little work and SEW these pillow covers up and that the fabric won't just arrive and magically turn itself into the perfect pillow covers, haha.)

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