Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Just arrived home from a little one-day roadtrip to hang out again with my sister-in-law and two nephews. We took the boys to a science museum where we chased them around for over two hours from exhibit to exhibit. My son's favorite part of the whole museum? The wall-mounted hand dryer in the water area -- nope, nothing scientific about it, it was just there to dry hands of kids after playing in the water tables. Seriously. That kid. He threw a royal fit when we had to leave the hand dryer.

So I am exhausted after getting up early, driving an hour and a half, chasing three little boys for another couple of hours, and driving an hour and a half back home, with a very awake little guy in the backseat, the same little guy who normally crashes the second I put him in his carseat and sleeps the whole way back. Nope, not today. But he was quiet as a mouse for the entire hour and a half, content to look out the window and enjoy the scenery, which I am terribly proud of. I don't think most three-year-old boys are that good with roadtrips minus some sort of DVD player.

I promise to return tomorrow with a much more exciting post. I've no idea what exciting thing might happen between now and then, but I've certainly got the right kid for giving me material to write about, and I'm sure he'll do something entertaining by then.

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