Thursday, May 29, 2008


That is the sweet, sweet sound I heard tonight coming from the bathroom.

Literally, a grand "yahoo", singing out across the tiled floors and down the hallway to my ears. You know those "easy buttons" from Staples? A friend recently gave my son a similar button, except this one is purple, has the "Yahoo!" logo on it, and as you might have already guessed, yodels out the famous "Ya-hoooo-ooh!". As a last ditch effort (seeing as the previously awarded poo prizes were really no incentive at all for our unimpressed little guy), we told him it was a special poo button, only to be pressed triumphantly when the poo had made it's way successfully into the toilet.

Folks, that poo button has sat on the top of the toilet for weeks now, just yearning to yodel good news to our aching ears. Sure, there have been "close calls", when the yodel has sounded because little hands couldn't bear to let it sit there silently, but not until tonight has the poo button been pushed for the right reasons, yodeling out the good news. Yes, tonight, my son finally made it to the potty.

Thank you for all of your support throughout this trying time (well, trying for me that is, as there wasn't a whole lot of trying happening on my son's end of things). Of course, now this leaves me with a different issue altogether -- if I can't post about poo anymore, what in the heck will I have to talk about?

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