Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A few random musings.

1. My son seems to be regressing on the potty-training. In the last two days we have had four, count 'em, four episodes of needing to change clothes due to his pottying in them. This is so. not. cool. I'm about to call up Pampers and just tell them to sign us up for a 15-year supply. And my son seems to not care one single bit about sitting around in wet or dirty underwear and pants. Doesn't bother him at. all. So what is it going to take to get him to actually want to save it for the potty? That, my friends, is the million dollar question.

2. Was Simon on crack last night? Anyone else, besides me, think David Archuleta needs to GO already? Talk about your cheesy song choices, absolutely boring and predictable and exactly-the-same-every-time performances. I do think he is probably a very nice little guy, but come on, people. He needs to go. And don't hate me for watching American Idol this season. It's a new thing for me, as I am usually not a regular watcher.

3. What is up with the fashions out there this year? Anyone else feel the same as me, like there aren't a whole lot of great clothing choices in the stores right now? Seriously, this time every year, I am spending away my hard-saved money to purchase new items for my spring/summer wardrobe, but I feel like it is slim pickins this year. I keep on checking all of my favorite haunts -- Anthropologie, Fossil, Gap, Banana Republic, and J. Crew -- but I just don't seem to love much of their offerings so far. I have bought a few things already, but they are all basic staples -- white jeans, khaki and navy Bermuda shorts, plain color T's, etc. Last year I just couldn't get enough of everything at Anthropologie and by now I had already bought several pieces from there (via travels or online as we don't have an Anthropologie here in Wonderland, and a good thing too, as it is much better having temptation far away from me). Lately though, I haven't seen anything I just can't live without, and in fact, I think it has been almost 6 months since I have bought something from there! That's gotta be a record for me. I guess it is a good problem to have, right? Because it just means that my money stays tucked away safely for that much longer...

4. My son now ends his pretend phone calls, all prayers, and all books and stories with the phrase "May-men" (Amen). A little bit of cuteness does help in making up for all of the pee and poo in this house.

5. Anyone out there tired of hearing me talk about pee and poo? Yeah, me too.

6. All day today my son keeps coming up to tell me "Fireman, big no-no" as well. At least he seems to now understand the concept that pulling the fire alarm was maybe not such a great idea. He and I will be making up some little apology cards to take to his teachers and preschool director tomorrow.

7. My husband told me that my new short bob haircut makes me look like someone from the 1930's. I take that as a big compliment from him, since I love all things vintage -- music, decor, fashions, etc.

8. I just ate a whole little carton of blueberries.

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