Sunday, May 11, 2008

This mother is tired.

Whew -- what a day. It was a great Mother's Day indeed, but any day full of activity leaves this mama exhausted. We got up, went to church, came home to cook a side dish, went to family's house for a Mother's Day lunch, ran home to change clothes, drove 40 miles away to a big Renaissance Fair, saw more ample busoms in one day than I'd seen in my whole life, haha (Renaissance wear is a great excuse apparently to show off "the girls"), drove home, came in the house and fell into a heap.

It's hard to believe that this is my third Mother's Day with my beautiful son home in my arms. We had just been home for a little over a month with him that first Mother's Day, and he was barely over a year old. Exhausted and overwhelmed from putting up the fight of our lives over that last year and a half to bring home a son from another country, I was just starting my journey on learning what motherhood was truly all about. In the two years since that very first Mother's Day, I have experienced so much as a mother -- mostly joy, a little pain, and definitely a lot of learning about how to develop patience. Words truly cannot express my gratitude that my dream of being a mother has come true and is real and alive. On days like today I am also reminded of the sacrifice another mother had to make in order to fulfill my dream. I pray that wherever his birth mother is, that she is happy, healthy, knows the Lord, and that somehow in her heart, she knows that the little boy she gave up is loved beyond measure.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you.


fiona said...

this mother is tired too!!I hope it was warm for all those ample busoms!!so glad you had a great mothers day, what a journey you have had, you are truly blessed.

Susan in SC said...

We adopted 2 boys from Russia and I know exactly how you feel. I always say a prayer for the birthmothers for peace and to let them know their child is loved beyond measure. Happy Mother's Day!

Angel said...

Amen to that. Angel