Sunday, May 18, 2008

You win some, you lose some.

I am on my third load of laundry in dealing with "the aftermath" of this afternoon's minor catastrophe. There is a bright spot to today's events -- my son asked me to go sit on the potty, which he never does. That was a small victory in and of itself! I am a bit sad, though, because in taking out the first load of stuffed animals from the wash, I found a casualty of war -- my beloved stuffed Dumbo, from my own childhood, that I had passed on to my son -- didn't survive the washing machine. Well, he did, but I am going to have to spend many an hour trying to sew his little hat back together. But the craziest moment of the evening was still to come. After spending a good 10 minutes remaking my son's bed with new freshly laundered sheets, I needed to go back down to the basement to switch over more laundry, so I asked my husband to please finish the process of tucking my son in for the evening. When I came back upstairs, I ran in his room to kiss him goodnight, only to find that my son was sitting in wet underwear, pajama pants, and yes, you guessed it, sheets. You see, my husband forgot to change my son into his Overnite diaper before putting him to bed. And my son peed. Yes. Another bed to strip. More sheets to wash. Another bed to remake.

Maybe this will be an anniversary to remember after all...

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