Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Gettin' down with my bad self.

Let me preface this post by saying that I normally DO NOT ENJOY rap or hip-hop music. Not at all. Except maybe for that once in college when one of my apartment-mates and I had a dance party in our kitchen listening to Kirk Franklin and the Family. Ha.

Anyway, this year I have gotten extremely into music from commercials. Most of my latest downloads on iTunes have been songs that I have discovered from those very same TV advertisements that Tivo was invented to save us all from. So, if you want to join me and have your own little dance party in front of your laptop, click play on the video below. (The song is "Daydreamin'" by Lupe Fiasco featuring Jill Scott. And forgive me for the part where the lyrics say something about needing some more "half-nekkid women up in the pool" -- otherwise I think it is pretty clean, but somewhat strange and fun song. I love how the vintage girl on the record sings the chorus throughout. Oh, and the song is from a current AT&T cell phone commercial.)

Whoever you are, Lupe Fiasco, props to you. I like your video.

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