Friday, March 21, 2008

Progress as promised

I can't believe I'm actually going to post these pictures, but they really must be posted in order for me to feel the accountability in finishing the clean-up. It ain't pretty, folks. But the upside to these pictures is the fact that I worked on both the guest room (pictured here) and the basement (no pictures), and both are about halfway done (er, excavated, that is). I should have taken photos of the basement as well, but I wasn't actually planning on cleaning that one yet -- it just happened that I was stuck down there for "TV reasons" (i.e. the Tivo upstairs was recording something and I had another show to watch at the same time so I had to use the second TV in the basement, sad, sad, sad, I know). So I got some bonus work done on the basement over the course of a good two hours.

Apparently, I could open my own craft store with the amount of stuff I have accumulated...

I promise to post some "after" pictures soon.

On another random note, I'm beginning to think robins are not all that bright. We had new windows installed in our basement last week -- the high-up kinds that barely peek out over the ground kind since ours is a true basement and not a walk-out of any kind. Anyway, the windows are crystal clear and have those robins fooled completely. The poor little things keep flying up to the windows and running into the glass with their beaks. I think they are trying to get the dead spiders and bugs they can see trapped inside in the cobwebs (note to self -- clean the old cobwebs out). I thought it was kind of funny at first, but now it is getting to the annoying stage because there is now a constant "boom, boom" noise all day with them continuing to try to break through. Seriously. Don't you think they'd give up after a while?

(Are you bored yet?)

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