Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Something crafty

I came up with the title of my blog because of Oregon, or really, my love of all things Oregon. I love Oregon. It is truly one of the greatest states in the world. (And no, I do not live in Oregon. Which might add to my great love of Oregon, since I am someone on the outside looking in, and oftentimes those doing so look in with rose-colored glasses on, like myself.) In Portland, Oregon, there is a monthly craft fair called "Crafty Wonderland". I drug my husband and son there on our vacation last year (and yes, I confess, I might have planned our vacation specifically around the weekend that I knew Crafty Wonderland would be held that month, but really, does it matter?). Since my state does not have a Crafty Wonderland, I figured I could make my own, in the form of a blog, and post all of my quirky creations. (And all of my jealousies, too, since I am constantly plagued by the green-eyed monster when I visit other blogs and see all the beautiful creations out there.)

Finally, a picture post.

This is what I worked on yesterday. The 8&1/2" quilt square for my Spring Fling Round Robin swap. I like all the fabrics, but they are a bit busy. Of course, it was too late to change that after I had sewed them together (come on, surely you don't peg me for a perfectionist, one who would take the high road, go back and rip seams and correct her busy mistakes? Nah, that's not me.), so I took the busy part of it up a notch and added applique on top of that. Ha. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, that's my motto. Hopefully my partners will like it...

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